What is a ferrite bead used for?

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Attention technology freaks!
You are often asked whether you are familiar with technology. Most people will certainly answer with a "yes, a little". After all, the majority of the population can use a smartphone and a PC. But who calls themselves a technology geek if they don't even know the components of a laptop? You think you do? Then you surely know what the small, cylindrical capsule on the charger of your laptop is for!

The ferrite bead
In fact, very few people know what this little box on the power supply cable is really for. As tiny as it may be, the bigger and more important is its task. Her name: ferrite bead. but why is it so important? This small part ensures that special radio waves, i.e. electromagnetic frequency waves that are between three kilohertz and 300 gigahertz and are created inside the device, also stay there. These frequencies, which would get out through the cable, can cause technical interference with the WLAN or television reception. Radio tones could also be diverted and suddenly come out on your TV! To avoid such a mess, there is this little capsule. With this knowledge you can now confidently show off at the next party and let the technology geek hang out!