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1 see also Ullenboom, Christian Java is also an island, accessed on September 8, 2017 2 See also Stark, Jochen PHP tutorial - What is ODBC ?, accessed on September 8, 20173 Relationships between tables are often referred to as “JOINS”. Queries often contain tables with many JOINS on other other tables.4 See Computerwoche, What is actually the relation model ?, dated August 27, 1976, accessed on September 8, 20175 Atomicity (partial steps of a transaction are carried out completely or nothing at all), Consistency (a transaction leads from one consistent state to the next), Isolation (specification of a level for the representation of transactions) and Durability (after completion of a transaction, the Result persistent)6 A downtime is a deliberate shutdown or shutdown of the database service that is provoked by errors. During this time, it cannot answer or execute any database queries without any security measures.7 Dividing the database into several systems with individual roles: e.g. six slave database systems for exclusive read operations and two master systems that accept changes to the data and in turn transmit them to the slave.
See also replications in databases, Yves Adler, University of Technology, Economics and Culture Leipzig, Department: Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, accessed on September 8, 20178 This is usually managed by the database system itself, e.g. queries are optimally rewritten internally so that they run more efficiently.9 The attribute administration means the administration with the help of an interface of the actual data record.10 The metadata management means the management through an interface to manage further data of a data record. Example: more pictures, documents, books. The actual data record is not processed with the metadata management.11 Views is a technique in database systems that uses a database query to form a basic set of the return result, whereupon further database queries can be used. 12 Stored Procedures13 Business logic here are program functions at the application level.14 see also high availability, lecture on database administration, Karsten Schmidt, AG DBIS University of Kaiserslautern, Germany15 see also fault tolerance, Prof. Dr. Klaus Küspert, Lecture Fault Tolerance in Database Systems, Friedrich Schiller University Jena 16 Mirroring the data on two or more systems17 Storage of the database status redundantly on different computer nodes18 Execution of data backups during operation and access19 Simultaneous processing of program sequences in threads