What are your most beautiful art drawings

9 of the best pencil artists and their pencil drawings

The pencil holds a certain fascination. So simple and yet so versatile. Some artists have mastered the use of the graphite lead.

In this article, we introduce you to nine of the best pencil virtuosos, including a selection of their particularly impressive pencil drawings. If you need a little inspiration or want to learn from the best in their field, you've come to the right place.

This impressively realistically painted picture of a sleeping cat was painted by Paul Lung from Hong Kong. It shows his cat Miuchu, which he has depicted many times. According to his information, the artist needed 60 hours for the picture in A2 format.

In this pencil drawing, the details in the fur have been painted incredibly precisely. The cat's front paws and head in particular appear razor-sharp. The artist deliberately drew the peritoneum and the hair on the sides more gently in order to give the picture a sense of depth like a real photo.

Stefan Marcu

The versatile Stefan Marcu shines not only with hyper-realistic drawings, but also with still lifes and abstract art. He started drawing at the age of five and has gradually taught himself additional skills. His hobbies also include sculpture and graphic design. Nowadays, however, he mainly earns his daily bread with tattoos.

Most impressive, however, are his photo-realistic pencil drawings. Most recently, he portrayed his wife. The drawing of his wife, which almost looks like a black and white photograph from a previous century, is particularly impressive.

The title of the picture “Sensazioni” by the Italian artist Diego Fazio means impressions / sensations. The artist's work was drawn on paper with pencil and measures 63 x 77 cm. Fazio himself estimates it will take around 200 hours to complete his masterpiece. The water droplets on the model's face look really real.

It is also exciting to see the development of the image in its various phases. Fazio had three pictures taken of himself at different times while painting.

Some of the Italian's other pencil drawings are no less astounding. If you love to paint eyes and you think your eye looks pretty realistic, check out this drawing in pencil:

Monica Lee

Monica Lee is a Malaysian pencil artist who made a name for herself with her hyper-realistic drawings.

Lee mainly depicts animal pictures and portraits of people, but we are also very impressed by her other motifs, which mostly depict scenarios from life.

In addition, the artist has also experimented with digital drawings, in which she draws on a graphics tablet and edited with Photoshop.

The artist is particularly exciting for you if you want to perfect your drawing yourself. She documents the progress of her work on her Instagram, for example, and gives valuable tips that you can implement directly.

Did you know how some of the best hyperrealistic artists draw hair?

Monica Lee uses this simple but ingenious trick:

Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden is considered one of the best and most accurate pencil draftsmen in the world. His works are regularly exhibited in galleries and museums but Cadden also informs his fans about his latest works on his Facebook page.

His drawings are so detailed that they can hardly be distinguished from a photo. Even if you look closely, it is difficult to see any signs of a drawing.

His pencil drawings are not as format-bound as you know from other artists. Cadden is able to draw the illusion of a realistic photo even in the smallest of spaces. On the other hand, some of his drawn portraits have been shown on formats with sides of more than a meter from him.

Dirk Dzimirsky

The German Dirk Dzimirsky is one of the few artists who can draw and paint equally at the highest level. His large-format charcoal and pencil drawings are so detailed that they create the perfect illusion of a real picture.

If Dzimirsky's work inspires you, you're in luck. He regularly offers workshops in which he explains his approach.

Pierre-Yves Riveau

Be careful, be creative. Pierre-Yves Riveau, mainly known as PEZ in the scene, is pretty imaginative. The Frenchman often draws and paints well-known motifs such as comic characters with his very own touch.

Many of his fans are enthusiastic about his art because he takes something familiar and puts it in a completely different context than you could ever have imagined.

Just look at PEZ-drawn Bart Simpson from "The Simpsons":

In his more recent works, PEZ often works with combinations of several media. A mixture of acrylic paint and pencil dominates his "Pixel Series".

In his latest works, the artist often completely dispenses with the pencil. Some of his works are prepared with acrylic paint and then treated with an airbrush. With PEZ's sprayed pictures you can clearly see the influence of graffiti culture on his career.

Randy Owen

Randy Owen loves drawing animals as much as he loves drawing people. His artistic progress can be traced back very well in his portfolio, as he also shows his early works from 2008.

He says of himself that he wants to represent the human essence in a traditional way, but does not shy away from following modern trends.

He recently published a pencil drawing with chalk highlights depicting Thanos, the villain from The Avengers.

Ambro Jordi

The Spanish Ambro Jordi documents his pencil drawings on YouTube and shows how precise he is with the pens. Some of his time-lapse videos have received thousands of clicks and can help you get better at drawing too.

What pencil drawings are you missing?

The pencil is centuries old. Incidentally, it only bears the name because the graphite it contains was once thought to be lead ore. It should actually be called graphite pencil.

Many extraordinary drawings were made during this time, but these deserve attention beyond the scope of this article.

We are therefore interested in: Which pencil drawing or which pencil artist are you missing from the list? We are curious and look forward to every suggestion.