Why didn't Maria need a savior?

Holy Night

Jesus is born.

When Jesus was born there was an emperor.
The emperor needed a lot of money.
That is why people should pay a lot of taxes.
The emperor said:

All people should be written down in a list.
In the list I can see:
Who has already paid the taxes?

Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth.
Mary and Joseph had to walk as far as Bethlehem for the list.
That is a long way to go.
The road was very difficult for Maria.
Because Maria had a child.

At last Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem.
It was getting late.
Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to sleep.
But all the places were taken.
Mary and Joseph went into a stable.

Jesus was born in the stable.
Mary wrapped Jesus in diapers.
Mary did not have a cot for Jesus.
So Mary put Jesus in a manger.
A manger is a feeding trough for the animals.

There were many sheep near the stable.
And shepherds.
The shepherds took care of the sheep.

God sent an angel to the shepherds.
The angel should tell the shepherds:

The angel went to the shepherds.
The angel shone and shone brightly.
The shepherds got scared.
But the angel said to the shepherds:

You don't need to be afraid.
You can be happy.
Jesus is born.
Jesus is your Savior.
Jesus helps you.
Jesus wants to help all people.
You can go and see.
This is what Jesus looks like:

- Jesus is a little baby.
- Jesus has diapers on.
- Jesus is lying in a feed trough.

Many more angels came.
All the angels shone and shone.
The angels sang wonderful songs.
The angels said:

Now everyone can see how good God is.
Now is peace on earth.
Now there is peace with all people who have waited for God.