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Nothing beats a good relationship (although some people might make an argument for chocolate). When you're in a good relationship, the birds are singing and the sun is shining - even in dead winter. You have love in your heart and a certain leap in your step. Everything seems more alive and interesting, and you feel hopeful and full of life. Aaah, that's what life is about.

What exactly is a good relationship? A good relationship has two main components - it's healthy for you and fun. The fun part is usually easy to figure out. But what about the healthy? How do you recognize a healthy relationship when you see one?

Respect and emotional support in good relationships

In a good relationship, both partners respect, value and accept one another. They feel like their partner is special - and they act that way. They don't require their partner to change to be more like them. Rather, they value each other as individuals and respect each other for their differences. They show their support by acting in an emotionally supportive manner.

What does that mean? Now, when you're emotionally supportive, say things like, “I hope the meeting is going well for you darling,” or “I'm so happy for you that you got this new job!” Or, ““ Don't take yours Love handles, sweetie. I like a man who is taller than me - you sexy man of substance, you! "

When you show your emotional support for your partner, they will feel encouraged, reassured, and valued - and you will feel the same when they support you emotionally. Each of you confirms each other's feelings, and that feels grreaaaatt!

You can support your partner and their right to feel a certain way, even if you don't feel that way in this situation. Just like respect, when you support your partner emotionally, you allow them to be separate and different, but very valued and special.

Honesty, loyalty, intimacy, trust and friendship

Question: "How can you have a relationship if you don't have it?" Answer: "You can't."

Intimacy - being really close to someone - arises when you and your partner only share thoughts, feelings and experiences with each other - not with every Tom, Dick and Harry (or every Tina, Jane or Mary!) .. the more you just share with each other the closer, more connected, and more intimate the two of you will become.

Of course, none of this is worth a rat's nest if you don't honestly share these thoughts and feelings; honesty is included in every good relationship. If you are telling stories, then your alter ego or fairy tale self has the relationship, not the real you. In contrast, when you share your true thoughts and feelings, you naturally become closer and closer to your partner.

As you feel closer, you also feel like each other is protected. And when you go to the effort to look after each other's wellbeing, that loyalty brings you even closer together. Of course, in order to feel free to reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings - "your soul" - and to share such personal experiences, you have to trust each other.

In a good relationship, both partners implicitly trust each other and look out for each other without being asked to. They are basically “best friends.” Friends respect, admire, trust, support, and care for one another, and they act in ways that show. Makes sense doesn't it?

Give and receive good relationships

Whether you're Superman and Wonder Woman, or Mr. and Ms. Normal Earthling, you and your partner must be about equally strong in your relationship for your union to be healthy .. It's okay if he's Superman-in-the-Boardroom and you are normal-Earthling-in-the-Workplace or vice versa - provided you respect each other as equals in your relationship - and act like that.

When you evaluate each other as equals, positive qualities - respect, emotional support, honesty, loyalty, intimacy, trust, and friendship - flow back and forth between you in a fairly even manner. You both share things with each other that you wouldn't share with other people, and the two of you interact with each other in very positive ways.

You are attracted to yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally in whatever way appears to be right now, and you both recognize the relationship as equally important and valuable. This reciprocity - this give and take of feelings, behaviors, and goals - is essential to keep your relationship happy, healthy, and balanced.

And let's not forget one of the most important ways your relationship needs to be reciprocal: In a healthy relationship, you both share a similar goal for the relationship. If you want to marry your partner one day, he or she needs to feel similar - now or in the near future - to make the relationship successful.