Why is traffic important to websites

Internet Security: Secure websites with SSL and HTTPS

Trust has never been more important on the internet than it is today - in both B2B and B2C contexts. The assumption in the SSL / TLS industry is that everything revolves around encryption in the first place. However, one often forgets the second function of SSL, because in addition to encryption, the user is primarily concerned with confirmation and protection.

This is expressed specifically in questions such as: Am I really on the website that I wanted to visit? Is this the side of the company I want to do business with? And am I really safe here? These are the questions consumers, and each of us in general, ask themselves every day. Because when we have finished our work at the end of the day and leave for the evening, we are of course also consumers. Just think of how many different websites you visit every day when doing online banking, emailing, or using a social media site.

Certain indicators are expected there to show whether a site is trustworthy. This is not a big surprise, given the environment in which we operate. It seems to us that every single day there is a breach of trust or a new threat when it comes to data protection. It's almost like every organization out there isn't asking itself “Will I be next?” But rather “When will I be next?”.

This is a difficult starting position for us as an organization, but also for us as consumers and in general for everyone who uses the Internet. We are in a situation in which we have become very careful which pages we visit on the net. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for signs of a trustworthy, secure and private environment.

There are various recommendations for this on how companies convey trust to their customers and show them that they are on the right website, that this is actually that company and that everything is lawful. This goes beyond the idea of ​​encryption, which is all about keeping the information private.