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Violent reaction from Libya: recognition of the rebels is badly received


The Libyan government has sharply criticized Britain's recognition of the rebels. The decision is "irresponsible and illegal". Gaddafi's daughter had previously failed to file a lawsuit against NATO.

The Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister, Khalid Kaim, has condemned Great Britain's move to recognize the National Transitional Council of Insurgents in Benghazi as the country's sole government.

The decision was "irresponsible and illegal," he said on Wednesday in the BBC. You violate both British and international law. "If all countries did that, we would have a complete diplomatic mess," said Kaim. He announced that Libya would take legal action against it. For their part, after the success, the rebels now also want US recognition. You have applied to take over the diplomatic mission of the country in Washington, as did Deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner. The United States is examining this application.

Gaddafi subsidiary fails in Belgium with lawsuit against NATO

The daughter of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Aischa Gaddafi, failed in Belgium with a lawsuit against NATO for war crimes. The Belgian judiciary is not competent, said the spokeswoman for the General Prosecutor's Office in Brussels on Wednesday.

At the beginning of June, Aisha Gaddafi filed a lawsuit against NATO for war crimes in Belgium because the military alliance has its headquarters in the capital, Brussels.

She justified the lawsuit with a NATO air strike on the Libyan capital Tripoli on April 30th. According to Libyan information, Muammar al-Gaddafi's youngest son - 29-year-old Seif al-Arab - three of his grandchildren as well as friends and neighbors were killed.

Belgian judiciary does not act

NATO took over command of the entire military operation in Libya at the end of March and has been flying attacks on ground targets ever since to officially protect civilians from Gaddafi's troops. For months they have been in a bloody conflict with internationally supported rebels from the east of the country.

The spokeswoman for the public prosecutor's office has now announced that the Belgian judiciary will not act in the case of Aisha Gaddafi's lawsuit. A Belgian law grants the judiciary “universal competence” in the prosecution of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide when there is a relationship with Belgium.

The spokeswoman said, however, that neither the victims nor the alleged attackers were Belgians. And those responsible, according to her, enjoy diplomatic immunity if they are in Belgium at all.

The Belgian lawyer Ghislain Dubois filed another lawsuit against NATO on Wednesday in Brussels on behalf of the Libyans Chaled Hemidi. According to Hemidi, a NATO air strike in the city of Sorman on June 20 killed his wife and the couple's three children, aged three to five.

The attack was aimed at a house of his father, Chuildi Hemidi, a confidante of Gaddafi. According to Dubois, the plaintiff wants to obtain damages from NATO.

NATO had justified the bombing in the city, located around 70 kilometers west of the Libyan capital Tripoli, with the fact that a military command post was housed in the building. A NATO spokeswoman reaffirmed this statement on Wednesday.

Dubois denies this and justified the civil suit with the fact that NATO had violated its UN mandate for the operation in Libya with the bombing, which allows an operation solely to protect the civilian population. (sda)