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Digitization in healthcare: making medicines easily accessible

The Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy in Zurich specializes in prescription drugs. In order to make these more easily accessible online, she is launching the first online shop with the prescription drug PrEP.


Anyone who wants to advance digitization in the healthcare sector will encounter complex challenges. The online trade in medicines is subject to strict legal regulations and is tied to a complicated process. Customers have to sign and deposit details of their state of health at the pharmacy. Data provided online by users must also be linked to the pharmacy's existing data management system. For the user, this process should feel simple and intuitive.


In workshops together with the team from the Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy, we worked out personas, defined the project goals, the UX and brand strategy and a user flow for the shop. It was decided to launch the shop as a pilot for a specific drug in order to gain experience in digitization in the healthcare sector. Based on these experiences and learnings, the shop will later be expanded to include other drugs.

For the conception and implementation of the user experience, we defined three guiding principles on which we built the structure and content of the shop.

With sprints on the market in the shortest possible time

We have set ourselves an ambitious timeframe for realizing the project: from kick-off to go-live in just two months. To achieve this, we put together an agile, interdisciplinary team that worked in parallel on UX design, front-end and back-end through short iterative cycles and constant involvement of test users. We continuously improved the product through several usability tests with representatives from the target group. Find out in the guide how we carried out the usability tests.

Positioning the webshop

In terms of brand strategy, the PrEP shop is to be positioned differently than the umbrella brand Apotheke Schaffhauserplatz. The aim is to avoid conflicts in the needs of the pharmacy's different target groups. It was also important to address the user group for the shop in a more direct and needs-based manner. The Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy should nevertheless remain noticeable as the sender and build trust. We achieved this positioning through the choice of visual designs and language.

Visual Design> Simple, uncomplicated and fresh

Simplicity and user-friendliness were in the foreground when developing the “Look & Feel”. The functional use of colors and textures simplifies navigation in the shop. Emotionality and character flow into the choice of font and the imagery. Independent illustrations and custom icons give the shop its own distinctive appearance.

Connection to the data management system ProPharma

The Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy processes all of its data management and medication orders using ProPharma software. The shop therefore had to be linked directly to the system. We implemented this via a web interface from ProPharma, which was operated by a specially developed module in the code of the web shop.

The result

The digital purchase process is extremely easy for the user. At first glance he knows what he can do on the website and is guided step by step to complete the purchase. The user receives important information at any time via the FAQ button and via the prominently placed telephone button he can obtain advice on the subject of PrEP over the phone.

The Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy receives the orders directly integrated into its data management system and can thus process the orders efficiently and easily.

Take a look at the shop here: www.swissprep.ch

«The project is a milestone in the digitization of our pharmacy. The Greenliff claim 'Designing digital future' appealed to me immediately, because that's exactly what we do with the PrEP shop. "Thomas Kappeler, managing director of the Schaffhauserplatz pharmacy