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Pizza oven comparison 2021

  • Pizza is one of the most popular dishes among Germans. The delicious flatbread becomes truly authentic Italian in a pizza oven with a pizza stone. Smaller versions of these ovens are now available for private households.
  • The temperature reached is one of the most important purchase criteria, because pizzas have to be baked very hot.
  • You have the choice between convivial pizza ovens for several small pizzas, devices for a large pizza or mini ovens in which you can also prepare other dishes.

In 2017, around 311,000 tons of frozen pizza were sold in Germany. This impressive study shows just how popular Italian flatbreads are.

You can prepare a pizza in a special pizza oven faster and more energy-efficiently than in a normal oven. This motivates you to simply make the pizza yourself.

In our pizza oven comparison 2021, different construction methods are compared. So that you know which variant is best for you, we have summarized the most important facts for you in this purchase advice.

1. What are the advantages of a pizza oven at home?

Pizza ovens for private households are available in different designs. What they all have in common is that it's a kind of table top pizza oven that doesn't take up much space.

In addition, such a small pizza oven is preheated much faster than a normal oven or a large gastro pizza oven. Also the baking time is very short. You don't have to wait so long for your pizza and you even save electricity.

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In contrast to a normal oven, the pizza oven is usually a stone oven with a pizza stone. This stone makes the pizza particularly authentic and crispy.

Unlike professional appliances, such a pizza oven is not heated with wood. That makes it practical to use.

Another advantage: If there is a power connection, a pizza oven is just as suitable for outdoor use as it is for the kitchen at home. You can also connect your mini pizza oven to the balcony or terrace, for example.

While some models can bake full-size pizzas, there are other ovens that are specifically designed for multiple mini-pizzas. In this guide you will learn all about the differences between the different types.

Tip: Seldom burns on a pizza stone when it's really hot. If something sticks, you can remove it with a scraper like the one used for ceramic hobs. However, never hold the stone under cold water when it is still hot. It could break.

2. What types of pizza ovens are there?

If you love crispy fresh pizza and therefore want to buy a pizza oven, you should think about beforehand, how often and what exactly the device is used for. Do you only want to bake pizza in it or use the oven for other dishes?

These decisions will determine which type of pizza oven is best for you. There are mainly the following three types:

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Pizza oven with pizza stone
  • The classic pizza oven is a round device with a stone on which a pizza can be baked.
  • These devices are opened, the pizza is put in and the device is then closed again.
  • Because the pizza oven is a stone oven, the pizza will be nice and crispy.
  • You can also bake tarte flambée or bread rolls in such a stone pizza oven.
Mini pizza oven
  • Mini ovens with pizza stones also deliver a crispy pizza in a few minutes, but they are more variable.
  • A pizza oven in this category often also has a baking sheet, grill rack or even a rotisserie.
  • It is often a convection oven.
  • You can grill meat or bake french fries in it. Very suitable for single households with small kitchens and little space.
Electric terracotta pizza ovens
  • Several small mini pizzas are baked in these ovens at the same time.
  • Baking pizza in this type of oven is more of a kind of event, similar to a raclette or fondue evening.
  • Several people are sitting around the pizza oven. Anyone can put a small mini-pizza on top and then push it through one of the side openings of the pizza oven to bake it.
  • These ovens are available as pizza ovens for 4 people or 6 people.

It's hard to say across the board which type of pizza oven is better because it depends on individual needs. A mini oven with a pizza stone is well suited for small households with little space. You can use this oven in many ways. A round pizza oven is good for simply baking a pizza.

A terracotta pizza oven is ideal for social evenings on the terrace or in the living room. A pizza evening like this can last for hours and each participant can individually fill their pizzas in the way that they like best. These models also have more than just advantages.

We have compared the advantages and disadvantages of the terracotta pizza oven for you in the following table:

  • Several small pizzas can be baked at the same time.
  • Perfect for a sociable pizza evening.
  • The small pizzas are ready in five minutes.
  • Each participant can have their own pizza.
  • A large pizza cannot be baked.
  • Not suitable for other dishes.

3. How do you find the best pizza oven for you?

Before you can make your first pizza yourself, you should invest a little more time in your personal pizza oven test. There are various criteria that are important for the purchase decision.

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3.1. Only a really hot oven can make a crispy pizza

Pizza is baked at quite high temperatures, but rather short. An electric pizza oven should therefore reach at least 200 degrees, better more. The Ferrari G3 pizza oven, for example, can be heated up to 390 degrees.

A real pizza oven test winner offers the option to vary the temperature. It can then be adapted to the respective pizza recipe.

3.2. A good pizza oven shows greatness

When it comes to size, there are two things you should consider when purchasing a pizza oven. On the one hand, the dimensions of the device. In a small kitchen there is often not enough space for a large pizza oven. A mini pizza oven is just the thing.

Also, pay attention to the size of the pizzas that you can bake in it. A normal-sized pizza with a diameter of 26 to 32 centimeters does not fit in every oven. Models with a terracotta hood are generally only designed for mini pizzas. Several can be baked in it at the same time, so this is a good option for parties.

3.3. A timer and other extras are fun for the pizza maker

When buying, pay attention to the equipment of the pizza oven.

The scope of equipment and accessories differs significantly from device to device. This point often plays a major role in pizza oven tests because this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

A timer should be available for safety reasons. The stove switches itself off after a specified period of time. So you don't have to stand next to the pizza oven all the time and still don't run the risk of pulling a “pizza alla coal” out of the oven at the end.

To avoid burns when removing the pizza, you should definitely have a pizza shovel with you. Devices that are not included in the scope of delivery have no chance of winning a pizza oven test. Other useful extras, which are sometimes part of the accessories, are:

  • Grill grate
  • Baking sheet
  • Baking sheet gripper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Rotisserie
  • Pastry cutter
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Recipe booklet

3.4. For furnishing perfectionists - pizza ovens are available in an appealing look

Did you know…

... that pizza is by no means a modern dish? Long before the classic pizza with tomatoes began its triumphant advance in the middle of the 18th century, similar dishes were already being eaten in the Middle East. The Etruscans are said to have prepared similar meals as early as 800 to 100 BC.

Certainly, the color is usually not a decisive criterion in most pizza oven tests. But it is not completely unimportant either. After all, the stove should optically fit into your kitchen or look good at the party in the garden.

While an electric pizza oven with a terracotta dome spreads a rustic romance at the garden party, there are pizza ovens with pizza stones in an appealing look and bright colors for the kitchen. Mini ovens, on the other hand, are usually kept a bit simpler. They are available in different colors, for example in black, white, beige or with a stainless steel look.

4. Questions and answers about the pizza oven

4.1. Has Stiftung Warentest carried out a pizza oven test?

The results of a pizza oven test by the renowned consumer organization would certainly be helpful in making a purchase decision. Unfortunately, one looks in vain for such a pizza oven test: The Stiftung Warentest has not yet chosen a pizza oven test winner.

She only examined combi microwaves. Some of these are also suitable for baking a pizza. They can be a good alternative for single households.

4.2. Where can I buy a pizza oven?

You can find pizza makers in electronics stores or large department stores. There you can get advice and carry out your own small pizza oven test. However, the choice is mostly limited.

There are many different models to choose from on the Internet. You are also more likely to find a cheap pizza oven there.

There are also special features in online shops, such as building a pizza oven kit for the pizza oven or a pizza oven for the garden and the necessary pizza oven accessories. This includes pizza turner or pizza server and dough cutter.

Tip: If you only need a pizza oven in exceptional cases, for example for a garden party, you can rent a pizza oven. Various websites mediate such rentals. These are mostly large professional pizza ovens, not a small pizza oven for the home.

4.3. Which manufacturers and brands are known for good pizza ovens?

You can bake a fresh pizza in many pizza ovens. But only in a particularly high quality pizza maker will the Italian specialty really get really crispy and good.

Renowned brands not only offer this high quality. They provide easy-to-understand operating instructions and, if necessary, spare parts.

Homemade pizza is a success with the right oven.

That is why we have put together the best-known manufacturers for you in the following list:

  • G3Ferrari
  • Ultratec
  • Trebs
  • Melissa
  • Food and fun
  • Klarstein
  • Eagle
  • Emerio

4.4. How many degrees do I set my pizza oven to?

Pizza is generally baked very hot. Terracotta pizza ovens can therefore reach temperatures of over 300 degrees, but cannot be adjusted. For the smaller pizza ovens, you should choose a temperature between 200 and 300 degrees. The optimal temperature for the pizza oven in this case depends on the pizza recipe.

4.5. How long do I heat up a pizza oven?

While a large gastro pizza oven takes a long time to preheat, a small mini pizza oven is usually hot enough after around ten minutes. If you have the impression that the pizza stone is not hot enough, let the pizza oven heat up even more.

4.6. What can you do in the pizza oven?

Pizza ovens are amazingly diverse. You can also use it as a tarte flambée oven or to grill a chicken. But this is not possible with all models. Please note the information provided by the manufacturer. A small recipe booklet is often included with the oven.

4.7. How much electricity does a pizza oven need?

The power consumption of a pizza oven is quite low.

Since the right temperature in the pizza oven is quite high, many believe that the power consumption of a pizza oven should be high. Pizza oven tests usually cannot confirm this. The short preparation time when baking pizzas makes up for this.

You can save if the mobile pizza oven has a temperature setting. You can then set the temperature lower and thus save electricity when you prepare something that does not need such a high temperature.

Currently available from € 129.90
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Number of pizzas1 pizza
Max. Temperature range200 ° C
In which languages ​​are the instructions for the ICQN 70XXL ICQN IQ M7051N03N 1IA mini oven?The instructions for use are in four languages: German, English, French and Spanish.

Which are the best pizza ovens from our pizza oven test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal pizza oven test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1 - from 375.00 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven - from 299.00 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: Burnhard Outdoor Pizza Oven Nero - from 269.00 euros
  • 4th place - very good: Ariete 909 985 stove Elektro Bon Cuisine - from 112.44 euros
  • 5th place - very good: NEUSTEIN outdoor pizza oven XQ3000 with pizza stone - from 239.00 euros
  • 6th place - very good: CHANGEMOORE outdoor pizza oven - from 355.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: IKOHS VULCANO Pizza Maker - from 107.95 euros
  • 8th place - good: Mayer Barbecue Blitza - from 105.99 euros
  • 9th place - good: ICQN IQ M7051N03N 1IA - from 129.90 euros
  • 10th place - good: Bestron APZ400 pizza maker - from 33.65 euros
  • 11th place - good: DOMO DO9177PZ - from 37.54 euros

In the pizza oven comparison, the products score with particularly high quality, because 6 "very good" pizza ovens and 5 "good" pizza ovens were identified among the 11 pizza oven models. None of the products in the product table for the pizza oven comparison was rated worse than "good".

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How many manufacturers are compared in the pizza oven comparison?

In the pizza oven comparison, the editors compare 11 different manufacturers for you in order to offer you the best possible purchase advice. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Royal Catering, Ooni, BURNHARD, Ariete, NEUSTEIN, CHANGEMOORE, Ikohs, Mayer Barbecue, ICQN, Bestron or Domo. More information "

In what price range are the models from the pizza oven comparison or test?

The most expensive pizza oven from our pizza oven comparison currently costs 375.00 euros, for the cheapest pizza oven you only have to calculate 33.65 euros. More information under pizza oven test. More information "

Which pizza oven has the most customer reviews?

With 2496 reviews, the Ariete 909 985 stove Elektro Bon Cuisine received the most customer reviews on Amazon. The CHANGEMOORE outdoor pizza oven, however, received the best average reviews. More information "

How many of the 11 different manufacturers were rated "VERY GOOD"?

The "VERY GOOD" -rated models include:

  • Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1
  • Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven
  • Burnhard Outdoor Pizza Oven Nero
  • Ariete 909 985 stove electric bon cuisine
  • NEUSTEIN outdoor pizza oven XQ3000 with pizza stone
  • CHANGEMOORE outdoor pizza oven
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Which pizza oven models were compared or tested?

All in all, 11 different pizza oven models were made, including:

  • DOMO DO9177PZ
  • Bestron APZ400 pizza maker
  • ICQN IQ M7051N03N 1IA
  • Mayer Barbecue Blitza
  • IKOHS VULCANO Pizza Maker
  • CHANGEMOORE outdoor pizza oven
  • NEUSTEIN outdoor pizza oven XQ3000 with pizza stone
  • Ariete 909 985 stove electric bon cuisine
  • Burnhard Outdoor Pizza Oven Nero
  • Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven
  • Royal Catering RCPO-3000-2PS-1
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What are customers looking for pizza ovens still looking for?

The most popular alternative term for pizza oven is pizzarette, followed by synonyms such as pizza oven garden and pizza raclette. More information "