What's the best way to build testosterone

Testosterone For Building Muscle: 11 Ways To Get More Hormone

Nutrition, training & Co .: This is how your gains grow!

There is no hormone that stands for muscle strength and fitness more than testosterone. The sex hormone has two different effects on the body: On the one hand there is Testosterone for building muscle, on the other hand as a hormone for the sexuality of men and women. The following applies: the higher the testosterone level, the better the muscles are built up. But it only increases through training Testosterone levels Not. What especially the nutrition has to do with it, you can find out here.

Testosterone For Building Muscle: How Does It Work?

The exact Effects of testosterone in the body is very chemical and complicated. But one of the most important effects for athletes: testosterone controls a factor in the body that is responsible for the Control of cell growth in the liver and muscles. The factor is called IGF-1. If IGF-1 levels are high, then so is that Muscle growth high.

Men produce 2.5-11 mg testosterone daily. After puberty, the production of the hormone falls again. Women only produce about 0.25 mg per day. For many strength athletes, the falling testosterone level is one reason To stimulate production again or artificially elevate it. You would find some testosterone boosters on the Internet that pretend that you are doing the Accelerate muscle building can.
I advise you: stay away from any gels, syringes and tablets that are supposed to increase your testosterone. These are Poison cocktails and you harm your body and your health with it! If you do a few things, you can do yours Also push testosterone levels naturally and build healthy muscles. Here I show you Eleven Healthy Ways To Get More Testosterone:

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Eat More Healthy Fats

Unsaturated fats increase your testosterone levels. The hormone is made from cholesterol and unsaturated fatty acids ensure a good balance of cholesterol in the body. Vegetable fats from avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and nuts are particularly stimulating Production of testosterone with healthy fats at. A fat consumption of 20 to 30 grams per day is also important, as lower consumption can lower testosterone levels. If you want to know which fats are important, check out my article on healthy fats.
So: who more Testosterone for building muscle should not go on a low fat diet!

Testosterone for muscle building: Sufficient vitamins & minerals

Eating plenty of vitamins and minerals is always beneficial for you. But also especially for one Testosterone increase are especially Vitamin B & D and Zinc important. The vitamin B is important for the production of enzymes that support the production of testosterone. You can find some B vitamins in fish, dairy products, and green vegetables. Vitamin D, the sun vitamin, is one of the steroids and participates in cell division, i.e. also in the cell activity of your muscles. Meat, fish, avocados, mushrooms, dairy products and eggs contain vitamin D, but only in small amounts. However, humans can produce vitamin D themselves with the help of sunlight. The mineral Zinc is the most important mineral for testosterone formation. If there is a zinc deficiency, the IGF-1 level is very low and this is reflected in the testosterone value. You can find zinc mainly in dairy products, eggs, and beef. Vegetables also increase your zinc value.

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Eat Less Sugar & Soy

As you can see: Diet plays a very important role in this Formation of the muscle hormone. Fats, vitamins and minerals promote the formation of testosterone. Now we come to foods that will lower your testosterone levels. First and foremost: sugar! Through the Consumption of sugar the hormone insulin is released and this is the so-called anti-testosterone. Insulin inhibits testosterone levels.Soy is suspected of that Paralyze hormone production!

Testosterone for Muscle Building: Less Coffee & Alcohol

Everything in moderation! This definitely applies to coffee and alcohol when it comes to your testosterone levels. In large amounts, both of these lead to the hormonal balance being imbalanced and testosterone being lowered. It's not about the daily coffee or one or the other after-work beer, but the amount counts! Occasional coffee consumption before training can even increase testosterone levels and acts as a natural booster.

Also interesting: alcohol and sport and sport with residual alcohol.

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Regular Meals

Your feeling of hunger affects that Stress hormone cortisol. When you are hungry, it puts your body into a kind of stress and cortisol is released. That in turn lowers your testosterone. It is best to start with a balanced breakfast and eat several meals throughout the day. If you need a few new recipes, take a look at my recipes.
more on the subject Stress hormones or cortisol and muscle building you can find out here.

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Reduce Stress

I already have that Stress hormone cortisol mentioned. Testosterone is responsible for converting calories into energy and building muscle. However, the cortisol ensures that the calories are stored as body fat. So it's the complete one Counterpart to the muscle hormone! I know, "avoids stress“It's easy to say, but cardio exercise can lower your stress levels and reduce your cortisol secretion. If you also want to know something about cardio for muscle building, then be sure to take a look at the article!

Testosterone for building muscle: getting enough sleep

Also at too little sleep or sleep deprivation right away Cortisol is released from the body! When you sleep soundly, on the other hand, testosterone is formed. Are best eight hours of uninterrupted sleep!

More on this: Muscle building & sleep.

Testosterone for muscle building: high training intensities

You probably already have from HIIT belongs. If not, check out my article on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) again. The intense training also ensures the production of testosterone. Short, intense training phases increase the production of the muscle hormone. Long and monotonous training sessions do exactly the opposite, as the body begins to get under stress. Your body produces cortisol!

More about the right training duration: How long to train for maximum muscle growth and training intensity.

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Hard Weight Training

Regular, intense strength training with heavy weights and few repetitions also leads to an increased release of testosterone. It is best to stick to exercises such as bench press, squats and the like, which are many and above all large muscle groups at the same time demand.

Testosterone for Building Muscle: Keeping an Eye on Calorie Deficit

If your longer to low in calories ingestion can lead to a lack of testosterone. Too little in this case means one Calorie deficit from 20%. How you can calculate your calorie requirement and be on the safe side, to eat enough despite losing weight, you can find out here.

Testosterone for muscle building: Stock up on vitamin D.

It sounds strange at first, but it's like this: In order to increase your testosterone, you should get yourself as much as possible outside in the sun stop! Because sunlight ensures that your body does Vitamin D production throws at it. And the higher your vitamin D level, the more Testosterone - and muscle building!

Important! Don't be disappointed if you don't notice a change right away - it may It takes three to six months for your testosterone level to rise significantly!

To the Women among you: you also need Testosterone for your muscle building! Don't worry: since your body only produces little testosterone, you won't turn into testosterone-laden muscle mountains.

My conclusion: This mix of short & intensive training, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle pushes your body, your fitness and, above all, your muscles. With these eleven natural ways you build your testosterone level and keep it at a constant level - perfect, because Testosterone and muscle building are inseparable!

Which possibilities do you already know, which are new to you?

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