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Bad paintwork?

Unfortunately, even if the damage pattern of the paintwork is very clearly recognizable, the cause cannot be accurately determined from a photo.

In any case, I can say that rust is supposed to be involved here is the stupidest gossip that a trained painter can utter. A galvanized body can rust in places where there is no paint damage, but in your case this can be ruled out 100%.

Now it would be interesting for me to know whether only the basecoat and clearcoat dissolve or the primer as well.

If the primer comes off, it was either not properly sanded or just sloppy or not degreased at all immediately before painting. All parts to be painted must be wet-sanded down to the smallest corners with the steel pad where they are not filled. It's time consuming and boring. And because every painter loves this job so much, the paintwork around the door locks, along the decorative strips and around the front and rear windows often comes off after one or two years. Therefore, with my vehicles, if an accident damage has to be repaired, not a part, not even the smallest clip, on the body that can be removed before painting.

If, on the other hand, it is not properly degreased, the paint will rise "somewhere", preferably on the edges or next to decorative strips, but it can also happen in the middle of completely flat surfaces such as the middle of the roof, the hood, etc. Years ago, Mercedes had such a problem with the bonnet of the S-Class. Cause: a painter had sweaty hands. It was only by chance that the reason why on new cars that had to be reworked in the paint shop, the paint always came off in two places afterwards (after months).

After sanding and before masking, i.e. as the penultimate work step before painting, the surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly cleaned of sanding dust and sludge and, if necessary, dried out into the cracks (transitions to decorative strips, etc.) with compressed air. Then they must be liberally degreased with silicone remover. In my experience, this is often done inadequately: A rag for the whole car, cracks, inner edges are not wiped out deeply and thoroughly enough, etc.
The surfaces to be painted should only be masked after using silicone remover. Unfortunately, I have often seen in paint shops that it was first masked off and only then degreased.

I could still imagine another cause: the paint is burned over. If it is a synthetic resin lacquer or water-based acrylic lacquer, it is absolutely possible that the lacquer has become brittle due to the temperature in the drying chamber being too high and the time it has been in it for too long.

The next cause, especially with newer acrylic lacquers, as they have been on the advance for about 5 - 6 years: The lacquer was not "cooled" long enough to dry, so that it never hardened and slight mechanical damage, which would otherwise only be a slight ( polishable) would show scratches, cut through the paint so that it peeled off. For a better understanding: the first generation of acrylic lacquers had to be dried hot, while the second generation only dries slowly, so that this type of lacquer remains too soft at too high a temperature, strange as it sounds.

Another cause if it is a synthetic resin lacquer that does not splinter but can be peeled off: When the lacquer was mixed, the hardener was not "adjusted" correctly. When it comes to the dosage of the hardener, it makes a difference whether a paint should dry in room air or in the so-called baking chamber. Two extremes: Either the paint is peeling or it can be peeled off like foil.

Need another cause? Spray primers on Monday and basecoat on Wednesday and clearcoat on Friday. After priming, the rest of the paint should be applied after three hours at the latest, as otherwise the primer has already flashed off too much and no longer forms an absolute bond with the subsequent paint layers.

And now? The most beautiful paint shop is of no use if you only have a two-year guarantee against the workshop. If you are lucky that this workshop is "out in Wallachia", where everyone knows everyone and the reputation of an entrepreneur is quickly ruined, it can be useful to talk to the boss. In any case, I got to know the master painters with this attitude in rural areas.

Greetings - asparagus