How would you compare Manhattan and Brooklyn

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20 New York - a city with many faces Exercises 1. Label the districts of New York in the legend in 1: 1 Manhattan, 2 Brooklyn, 3 Queens, 4 Bronx, 5 Staten Island 2. Work with 4 and 5. Match the letters a through d to the photos. 3. Compare and describe the neighborhoods in central New York. Use text B, 4 and 5. 4. Compare and describe the photos in 2 and 5. Name an advantage and a disadvantage of living in the suburbs. 5. Using the city map in 3, answer the questions and write down the solutions. Many cultures in one city "The USA has been a country of immigration for centuries," says Amanda. “A lot of people came from Europe or Asia. African Americans used to be taken from Africa as slaves. Many Spanish-speaking people, the Hispanics, immigrated from Mexico, Puerto Rico or Cuba, for example. People from all over the world live in New York. Many of them have settled in their own neighborhoods. Little Italy or Chinatown are examples of this. Today Chinatown is also a tourist attraction. ”Poor and rich As she drives through the Manhattan borough, Amanda continues:“ Manhattan is characterized by skyscrapers, shopping streets and expensive shops. Wall Street with many banks is also here. The upper floors of the skyscraper are mainly used for offices. The apartments in Manhattan are very expensive. Therefore, only a few people live here. Most of them live in other parts of the city or in the suburbs and commute to work in the downtown area every day. In the urban areas with high levels of poverty, crime and drug trafficking, people often make a living from casual jobs or from social welfare. The Harlem neighborhood was an example of this. Many houses there have been renovated in the last few decades. Social workers also helped the people living there. Crime has fallen, but poverty and homelessness are still big problems. ”The suburbs of New York are mentioned. They are settlements with single-family houses. Often these are prefabricated houses. That's why the houses look very similar. For shopping, people drive to the large shopping centers on the outskirts. A B Briefly explained Odd jobs are jobs for which you do not need any special training and which you only do for a short time. The state supports people with social assistance when they have no job and cannot support themselves. 2 In the Suburbs 4 1 3 2 5 1 The boroughs of New York City Airport Picture gallery 3aj77s For testing purposes only - Property of Suburbs of the publisher öbv

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