What do you mean by Ghar Damad

Quote by Reevolution
The greater the religious, cultural, national etc. differences between partners, the greater the risk of failure. The conflicts between Alevi and Sunni partners, between Kurdish and Turkish partners indicate that mixed marriages can only last if the differences between partners are as small as possible.

In plain language that means for me, I have to stay away from religious, nationalist, conservative women.
I think the exact opposite is good.
Because the examples you have described are more similar than you think.

See Alevis and Sunnis. The main difference is actually that both parties do not agree on who should have been Muhammad's successor. And that Ali was killed in a mosque. All that came after that was the famous rat tail.
But as far as religion is concerned, both have to follow the words of Muhammad, because when he was still alive they were all Muslims.

Kurds and Turks theme. Most of the Kurds do not know their culture, language and history, they have adopted Islamic / Alevi ways of life. It is the same with the Turks. There is no Turkish culture in the sense. Most Turks no longer know their customs either.
These groups are very united and similar in their views. Namely that you are the center of the universe and therefore it doesn't work.

In my opinion, no matter which nation it will work for, if you respect and accept the other, and that should be one of the components of love.

I agree with the good FOS, always keep the family at a distance, regardless of whether you are mixed or not.