Are there any collectibles in GTA Online?

GTA Online: Locations of all collectibles - tips

In GTA Online you can pursue countless activities and modes. But should you still get bored, various treasure hunts lure you with puzzles, at the end of which you will find various rewards and even exclusive weapons that you can even use Red Dead Redemption 2 can unlock. There are also various collectibles that will keep you busy for a few hours.

We have summarized the most important guides, treasure hunts and collecting tasks for you below.

Exclusive weapons in GTA Online

In "GTA Online" there is a treasure hunt, at the end of which a very special weapon and a large chunk of GTA dollars are waiting for you. We explain step by step how you can track down the slicer and show you all the locations of the clues.

But you can find another special weapon in the game world if you have successfully solved the corresponding revolver puzzle in advance. We'll show you how to get the double-action revolver.

Among other things, a mysterious stone hatchet is hidden in the game world, which you can even unlock for the western title "Red Dead Redemption 2".

Collectibles in GTA Online

In our guide we show you the locations of the 50 jammers that are distributed all over Los Santos and Blaine County and promise a whopping reward.

You can also look for playing cards that are scattered all over the map. We'll tell you where exactly you can find them and what rewards are waiting for successful noses.

You can also search for a total of 100 collectible figures, which promise a very special reward if the search is successful. In this post we explain where these figures can be found in and around Los Santos:

The well-known peyote cacti from "GTA 5" can be found in multiplayer from time to time. However, there are significantly more plants to be found in the online world. We'll show you the pound locations of the new collection mission.


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