Who is the oldest wrestler

Who are the top 5 active wrestlers?

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I have a question:
Who are the 5 oldest wrestlers
Did a little research and compiled the list:

In the front are actually Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas (55 years old), they had had matches recently, but I took them both off the list because they only fight very irregularly. If the Nature Boy Ric Flair comes back in-ring, he will of course be the oldest

Now to the list:
1. Finlay at the age of 50
2. The Undertaker at the age of 44
3. HBK at the age of 43
4. Goldust, who is also 43 years old
5. Kane at 42 years old

Then William Regal (41), Batista (40), Chris Jericho (38), Tommy Dreamer (38) and then several wrestlers like Christian, Edge, Mark Henry, Umaga, Vladimir Kozlov and more ...

I hope it helped you