What is a left sticker

Numerous traffic signs in the urban area are covered with stickers. Their removal costs thousands of euros every year. Now the Rosenheim police have caught two young men in the act. The two are not unknown.

Rosenheim - In June there were radical left-wing graffiti all over the city center, and now stickers on traffic signs have caused a stir. “There is definitely a connection between the two cases,” says Police Chief Inspector Robert Maurer. Although he does not know which group could be behind the stickers. However, if you take a closer look at the stickers, they can definitely be assigned to the left scene. For example, a purple “No Nazis, No Cops” sticker sticks to a one-way street sign on Riederstrasse.

A few meters further on is the next one. A red sticker with the words “Against ethnic and sexist anti-Semites” is on the back of a no-parking sign. And the lamp post diagonally opposite was not spared either. Here is a sticker from the political organization "Contre la tristesse", on which it says "Stop the murder on Europe's walls".

Observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

It is an organization that is not unknown in Rosenheim and has been observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution for several years. According to the constitution protection report, "Contre la tristesse" belongs to the so-called left-wing extremist, autonomous scene.

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It remains to be seen whether Raublinger (21) and Bad Aiblinger (18), who were responsible for putting up the signs last Friday evening, December 4th, also belong to this scene. One thing is certain: the police know the two men. In May, officials caught them putting stickers on place-name signs in Pang.

Special spray for removal

Not uncommon, the city knows too. "Unfortunately, this form of vandalism on public goods occurs again and again," it says when asked. The stickers will be removed by the employees of the construction depot. They receive their orders from the police or the public order office. When they arrive at the “crime scene”, the employees use a special spray that is also used to remove graffiti. "The stickers are sprayed on and then scratched away with a spatula," said the city's press spokesman, Christian Schwalm.

Removal of ten stickers in the three-digit range

The removal of ten stickers causes costs in about a three-digit range. The police are not yet able to comment on how much damage last weekend was.

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Victims should contact the police on 08031 / 200-2200.