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Scar Treatment Costs

Laser scar removal:

The costs of scar treatment with laser technology are very broad. Depending on the scope and method of treatment, this can be a total Costs between a few hundred and over 1,000 euros attack. The individual session costs between 50 and 200 euros. The total price depends on how many sessions are needed until the optimal treatment result is achieved.

Scar removal with intralesional cryotherapy:

There are costs involved in this treatment using nitrogen and cold from around 800 euros to be expected.

Microdermabrasion scar treatment:

The costs of scar treatment using microdermabrasion start at about 120 euros

Scar treatment with chemical peeling:

Generally speaking, the cost of a chemical peel can be up to 1,500 euros be. If lighter acids are used, the price drops accordingly. This depends on the desired effect and should be clarified with different doctors.

Remove scars / scar treatment - costs at a glance

approx. 50 - 200 EURCO2 laser (per session)

from approx. 800 EURIntralesional cryotherapy

from approx. 120 EURMicrodermabrasion

up to 1,500 EURChemical peel

In which cases does the health insurance company cover the costs of scar treatment?

In principle, it can be said that unpleasant scars are removedmostly as a purely aesthetic interventionapplies. In this case, no health insurance company will cover the costs.

Are the scars from a special oneDisease valueexcellent, but different regulations apply. The scar is considered a disease value if it is very thick, as for example in the case ofKeloids, or movement or hygiene are restricted by the location and severity of the scar.

in theindividual caseyou should always clarify the assumption of costs with the respective health insurance company and also seek a discussion with the treating doctor in order to obtain a further opinion.

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