There is free travel in Tokyo

2018 - Japan for the first time

Travel time: September / October 2018 | from 1000 B.

Drive from Tokyo to Hiroshima

Today I set the alarm for 7:00 a.m. to get to the train station on time.

As shown on the reservation, it leaves Tokyo Station at 9:03 am and arrives in Hiroshima at 1:34 pm.

Not bad 4:34 hours for 894 kilometers and with 1 change (8 minutes time) in Shin-Kobe. Since I am not allowed to use the Nozomi with the Railpass, there is no direct connection for me and I first use the Hikari 465 and then the Sakura 555. And this is how it is displayed in the Hyperdia app:

When the train timetable for the 1st section to Shin-Kobe is opened, it looks like this:

At 7:45 am, I make my way to reception and check out. While I'm walking to the train station, I buy a little something to eat.
After changing to the Yamanote Line once, I am at Tokyo Station at 8:05 am in just a few minutes. When you leave the platform, you can see signs indicating where the Shinkansen trains leave.

It takes a few minutes until I get to the platform, the trip is only shown on the display board about 20 minutes in advance, Hikari 465, platform 14.

Unfortunately there is not a single seat in any of the waiting areas and you have to wait standing.
This shop is located directly at the entrance to platforms 14 and 15, where you can stock up on travel provisions.

A small selection of what is on offer, the prices are between 900 and 1,200 yen.

Here you go up to platforms 14 and 15, whereby a distinction is made in which compartment you are sitting. Since I have car 15, I'm right here, car 11-16.
The stairs on the opposite side are correct for cars 1-10.

And there is my first Shinkanzen, one of the N700 series. The top speed on my route is a maximum of 285 km / h.

Since I cannot take a photo of mine from the front because of a cordon, I take the one on the opposite side on platform 15.

Not much is going on yet and I'll get in.

At the back of the car are 2 toilet cabins ......

.... 1 standing urinal for men ....

.... and next to it 2 sinks with a curtain each.

In the front between cars 14 and 15 is a smoking cabin, you can sometimes smell the smoke a bit when you sit in the front like me.

Inside, it doesn't look as chic as I expected. On the left in the direction of travel are 3 seats (A-C), on the other side 2 (D + E).

Here is my seat by the window, 5E. The equipment is almost identical to that of the regional train that I took two days ago. There is an outlet on the wall for both seats and there is no small table to fold down. There doesn't seem to be WiFi, I didn't get anything displayed.

We started right on time, the compartment was still pretty much empty, but filled up a bit during the first stops, the seat next to me is still free after 1 hour, and some window seats on my side are still unoccupied.

If you head west (coming from Tokyo) on the right-hand side of the car at the window, and I sit in seat 5E (A and E are each at the window), you can have a fairly long view of Mount Fuji between the Mishima and Shizuoka stations. For me it was unfortunately nothing, because it was raining heavily and everything was in gray clouds.

The little cart with food and drinks just passed by.

Unfortunately there is no menu or anything like that here so I can see what is available and what it costs.

12.14 p.m. Of course we arrive in Shin-Kobe on time, the first 589 kilometers are over and that in just over 3 hours with 8 intermediate stops.

I have to wait here because my train is coming on the same platform as I just arrived on.

After my train has started, another train arrives and continues. Only the next one is mine, the Sakura 555, and I get into car number 8. This train is much nicer and more comfortable.

There are 2 rows of two, with the numbers A and B (left) or C and D (right), where A and D are each window seats. I'm sitting on seat 6D and when I get on my seat is occupied by a mother whose child is on 6C and the father is on 7B. The mother gets up and moves to her seat 6B and I sit by the window. It would not have been a problem for me to go to 7B, but I hadn't seen through the family relationships and now I'm sitting.
The drive is only 72 minutes to Hiroshima, with only 2 stops and 341 kilometers. I arrive in Hiroshima on time without incident.

What's the matter?:
By plane from Frankfurt / Main to Tokyo and from there by train to the southwest, with detours to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroschimo and ..... or in a different order!
Duration:15 days
Destinations: Japan