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Frequent questions and answers

What is Kurzelinks.de good for?
Kurzelinks.de is a short link generator with malware protection and other features. Short link services, too URL shortener or Short URL service called, create short references for long URLs. This means that with kurzelinks.de you can turn a very long link into a much shorter one. Here one Example: Click on the short link and see what happens: kurzelinks.de/berlin

What are the advantages of short links?
Short URLs are easier to remember, they can be entered more quickly and they also take up less space. This can be useful in a myriad of different situations, be it because you want to quickly open a long link on another device, announce a link to someone on the phone, or publish a link in a printed publication.

How does the creation of short links work?
To create a short link, go to our website and enter the URL to be shortened in the appropriate input field. Then press Enter or click the "Shorten Link" button. Your short URL will then be generated and displayed. You can copy and paste these where you need them.

How can I use the additional settings? What do I have to do in which order?
You can use the short URL settings to adjust the configuration of your short link as you wish. You can choose a short URL yourself, set up password protection, set restrictions for the accessibility of the short link and much more.
To create a short URL with customized settings, enter the link to be shortened in the input field. Next, you'll adjust the settings at the bottom of the screen. To complete the process, press the "Shorten Link" button.

What are multi-links and how can I create them?
In addition to normal short links, you can also create multi-links on our website. These are short links that point to not just one but several target web pages. When the corresponding short link is called up, all stored destination addresses are displayed so that the user can call up and view them one after the other. Up to 50 Internet addresses can be linked via multi-links. Click here to see an example of a multi-link.
You can create a multi-link by visiting our website and then clicking on the small arrow next to "Create short link". Select the menu item "Create Multi-Link". Now enter all the links that you would like to link using the multi-link in the input field, making sure that each link is on a new line. During editing, the text below the input field shows you how many links you can still insert and whether there are any input errors. If this is not the case, you can create your multi-link by pressing the "Create multi-link" button.
A variety of configuration options are also available to you when creating multi-links. Just like when creating the simple short links, you have to make your adjustments here too, before You press "Create Multi-Link".

How do email links work and what can I use them for?
Sometimes you not only want to make websites available via a short link, but also e-mail addresses. Our e-mail links are available for this purpose. These show the user the stored e-mail address when called up and automatically open his e-mail program, provided he has installed suitable software. The recipient address is then already entered in the draft window for the e-mail (see example).
But our e-mail links can do a lot more! If required, you can use the additional settings provided to define complete e-mail templates, including subject, text, additional recipients and CC and BCC e-mail addresses. With the help of this and the other configuration options, there are innumerable uses for e-mail links. For example, you can use the links, optionally also as a QR code, in publications, on websites or in e-mail signatures to provide your customers with appropriate contact options for various concerns.
If you would like to create an e-mail link, go to our website, press the small arrow next to the heading "Create short link" and then select the menu item "Create e-mail link". Then enter your e-mail address in the form, adjust the settings in the lower area of ​​the screen if necessary and then press the "link" button to create your e-mail link.
Finally, two tips to avoid mistakes: If you are creating an e-mail template, please check your entries carefully before generating your e-mail link and create a deactivation link if necessary. This gives you the opportunity to switch off the email link at any time later.

Do I have to go to the kurzelinks.de website every time to create a short link?
No, there are also faster, more convenient ways to create short links. If you use the Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge browser, you can use our browser plug-in "URL Shorter". If you use a different browser, you can save one of our interactive bookmarks in your favorites bar.
Both the browser plug-in and the interactive bookmarks allow you to generate short URLs from any website with just a single click.
Android users can also use our "short link app" to create short links. This offers several options for quickly generating short links. In addition, it saves all short URLs in a clear list and enables quick access to the links generated at any time.

I heard that kurzelinks.de protects me from malware. What does that mean?
URL shorteners, such as Tinyurl, Bit.ly or goo.gl, are often criticized because the shortened URLs are both a blessing and a curse. You can't tell from the short URLs what kind of page they refer to. Therefore, bad (very, very bad) people can abuse the system to redirect unsuspecting users to even nastier websites, which then, for example, infect their computers with malware.
We are trying to put a stop to this problem. We check all saved links for viruses and malware. If we find a malware infection on a page, we don't just redirect users who click on the associated short link to the page, but inform them of the potential risk. If you still want to look at the site, you can of course do so. We don't censor anything, we just warn.
In order to make a general contribution to security on the Internet, we automatically inform a large number of blacklist providers about the threats we have identified. These lists of security-critical websites are used, among other things, by web browsers and e-mail programs to protect their users from calling up dangerous websites. This means that not only the users of our short URL service benefit from our protective measures, but also countless other people.

And what about phishing websites?
Phishing websites can be just as dangerous as malware websites. They use various tricks to trick their visitors into revealing personal data (such as names, passwords, addresses and account information). To do this, they usually copy the design of a well-known website (e.g. Amazon, eBay, PayPal or online banking sites) and also use matching Internet addresses (domains), which only differ from the original addresses of the respective services on closer inspection.
If you are careless and enter personal data on such a website, you can face serious problems, starting with spam e-mails and annoying advertising calls, to plundered bank accounts, cracked e-mail accounts and other cases of fraud.
In order to protect our users from phishing attacks, we compare all saved links with several databases of already known phishing websites. If a threat is detected, all users who call up the short link are warned before they are forwarded to the target website.

I accessed a link in an email and landed on this page. She warns me about phishing and malware. What shoud that? Is this side dangerous?
Hello! Take a quick breath, everything is fine. You probably ended up here because a scammer used our short link service to create a redirect to a dangerous website. He's emailed this link to you (and probably many others too). The email is spam, even though it might look like it came from your bank, telecommunications provider, social network you are a member of, or some other website you know.
We have now uncovered the attempted fraud and therefore did not redirect you to the dangerous website, but instead showed you the warning that you read earlier. We have also informed some online security portals about the fraudulent Internet address so that it can be switched off as quickly as possible and other users will soon be warned directly by their browser when they visit the site.
So our site is not dangerous, but the website to which you wanted to forward the spam email is. If you want to find out more about what our website is for, please scroll up and read the text on this page.
We try to protect you from internet crooks. The best protection against fraud, however, is when you recognize it yourself. We would therefore like to recommend that you take a look at the question of how you can recognize spam and phishing emails.

I am a programmer and would like to incorporate this service into my software for automatic short URL generation. Is there a programming interface?
Yes, there is a REST API. More information can be found here.

My company needs its own short URL solution with its own domain, link management and many other incredibly complicated requirements. Do you offer something like this?
Sounds great, we love challenges! That is why we offer software-as-a-service solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of the customer. More information can be found here.

How long will my forwarding work?
Long. Very long. Years. Maybe decades.

Will my IP address or other personal data be saved when I create a short link?
No. We don't save anything. Only the short URL you set up and the associated settings. We are not interested in becoming transparent citizens ourselves.

Is it saved who has accessed a short link?
As I just said: We don't save anything.

How does it look otherwise in terms of data protection?
The short URL service was designed to be as data-sparing as possible. This distinguishes us from other short URL services, which often analyze to a large extent who, when and how often accesses short links in order to then use the statistical data for advertising purposes or to market them separately. Since we do not collect this data and also because this could be used to de-anonymize users, we do not provide call statistics for short URLs.
By the way: At the moment, particular caution is required when using short URL and other online services from the USA. On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice overturned the so-called "EU-US Privacy Shield" on which many US software companies rely and which, among other things, regulates the transmission of personal data to companies. Therefore, before using the services, check whether they comply with the current data protection regulations.

I would like to know where I will end up before I click on a short link. Can I find out somehow?
Yes. The following applies to all active short links: If you append a plus sign (+) to the short link, kurzelinks.de shows you the target website without redirecting you directly. So if you don't trust a short link on the way, you can see beforehand where it would take you. You can try this out with this link, to which a plus sign has already been attached: https://kurzelinks.de/berlin+

I can have a "QR code" generated for my shortened URL. What's this?
What you see here is a QR code. QR codes ("Quick Response") are a way of displaying information in the form of small graphics and disseminating it. They are considered to be the successors of the barcodes that are known from the supermarket checkout. Just like barcodes, QR codes are designed to be read with a suitable scanner in order to access the information they contain. For a number of years there has been a large number of free smartphone apps for this purpose that enable barcodes and QR codes to be read with normal cell phone cameras. Following this trend, QR codes can now be found in many places, e.g. in books and magazines or on advertising posters and websites. Most of the time, the QR codes carry a link to a website. Whoever wants to call up the page only needs to scan the code and can save typing the URL into the browser. Since this is a very convenient way of distributing links, we offer you the option of generating a QR code for your short link.

I need a QR code for an existing short URL. Can I generate the code afterwards?
Yes, it's very easy. Enter your short URL in the browser and add "+ qr" to it at the end. You will then land on a page that gives you the option to download the QR code graphic in any size.
Would you like an example? This way, please: https://kurzelinks.de/berlin+qr

I found a short link that points to a criminal website!
If you are sure that the website contains illegal content, please inform us.

How does that work with removing the "referrer"? What is the dereferrer function?
When you surf the Internet from one website to another, your browser usually tells the next page which page you were on before. The page that contains the link to the new website is known as the "Referrer". The operator of the website called up via the link will find out what you have viewed before. For reasons of privacy, however, you sometimes want to prevent this. In such cases our dereferrer function can help you. If you create a short link via kurzelinks.de and check the box next to "cover up the referrer" activate, you can spread this clear conscience on the Internet. The operators of the website to which your short link refers will never know which Internet pages they were linked from. As a referrer, you only see this website (kurzelinks.de).

Dereferer without a short link
If you only want to disguise the referrer and you don't really need a short link, you can call up any website by appending it to our domain. For example, you can call up the Wikipedia website in this way: https://kurzelinks.de/http://de.wikipedia.org. This approach is particularly recommended for operators of weblogs and websites who want to protect their users and themselves from online threats (such as phishing and malware).
Important: The protocol ("http: //", "https: //", "ftp: //") must always be included in the link!

Can I permanently integrate the dereferrer service into my website?
Of course you can. In fact, it's a very good idea! Many websites allow their visitors to leave comments and guest book entries. Often times these contain links. If you technically ensure that each of these links (as just described) is accessed via our dereferrer service, this protects the privacy of all visitors to the website. Of course, we also check these websites for malware and phishing attacks. So if a malicious user posts a dangerous link on your website, all users who click on it will be warned of the danger.

What advantages does it offer me Kurzelinks.de compared to other short url services?
Our URLs are mostly shorter than those of Tinyurl and other providers. In addition, we offer the protection against malware and phishing described above. Most other providers don't do this. Some special functions, such as setting up password protection *, creating a deactivation link or restricting the validity period of a short URL, are only available here. But if you don't need all these bells and whistles, there's nothing wrong with using other providers as well!

Is there a browser plug-in for Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Edge / Opera that can be used to create short links?
Yes, our "URL Shorter" browser add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. This enables you to create short links with just one click and automatically copy them to your computer's clipboard. For all other browsers, you can use our interactive bookmarks to quickly create short links.

This does not work on my smartphone / tablet with the browser extension and the interactive bookmark. Is there an app for creating short links?
Yes, there is an app. It is called "Kurzlink App" and runs on all Android devices that work with Android 2.1 or a newer Android version. Details about the Kurzlink App can be found here.

What happens if kurzelinks.de cannot be reached?
Then all short URLs cannot be reached either. The likelihood that that will happen, however, is extremely small. In order to avoid failures, we run our URL shortening service not only on one, but on several servers in German data centers. If one server fails, the other servers automatically take over the processing of the incoming requests.

Why is the short link no longer in the address bar of the browser when I called it up?
Because the short link is a redirect. When you call up a short link, your browser contacts our server. Our server then informs your browser of the address that is hidden behind the short link. Your browser loads this address and "kurzelinks.de" disappears from the address bar.

What happens to deactivated and expired short URLs? When will they be available for reuse again?
Short links that are no longer active because they have been switched off by the creator using a deactivation link or have expired according to their settings will remain (sorry we are) blocked forever. This is the only way we can prevent someone from abusing Kurzelinks.de in order to suddenly redirect users to other websites.

Can I change the destination address of a short link that I have created afterwards?
No, this is not possible for security reasons (mentioned in the last point).

My desired short URL is already taken.
It's a shame, someone was probably faster than you. However, our service includes several domains. Check out whether your wish link can be created with one of the other domains! In addition, the addresses are case-sensitive, and with a bit of luck you will find a free combination.

What other Internet addresses can I use to generate short links?
In addition to kurzelinks.de, the websites ogy.de, t1p.de and 0cn.de also belong to our short URL service. You can also use these to create short links.

Why does this service warn me about websites with pornographic content?
For various reasons. On the one hand, so that you don't get into embarrassing situations because you have clicked on a supposedly harmless link somewhere on the Internet, and on the other hand, because such websites are often used to distribute malware.

I have received spam emails that contain links to this website.
Unfortunately, fraudsters try again and again and for whatever reason to abuse our service for various purposes. It also happens that short links are created and sent in spam emails. Of course, these emails are not from us.
Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent this from happening. However, we ask you to inform us about the problem. We will then ensure that the short links contained in the spam emails are provided with a corresponding warning. We can also ensure that no further links to the suspicious landing pages can be created.

Do I have to consider a time difference if I want to restrict the period in which the short URL can be reached?
You think along well! If you are not in Germany, your local time may differ from that of our server. But this doesn't matter. The time is selected taking into account the time and time zone set on your computer. So you don't have to factor in any time shifts, not even in the case of differences caused by summer / winter time.

* Try to crack the passwords!