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That's why we probably never get to see the Doctor Doom movie

Legion creator Noah Hawley has completed his script for the Doctor Doom solo film, but with the proposed deal between Disney and Fox, it is uncertain whether the film will ever be made.

A particularly unfortunate side effect of the mercilessly failed Fantastic Four films was that we have not yet received a suitable film version of the antagonist Doctor Doom. This applies to both the Roger Corman version, which was never officially released, as well as the two attempts by 20th Century Fox: The opponent, who is often touted as the best comic villain of all time, is still waiting for a live-action interpretation worthy of him. Noah Hawley, creator of the X-Men series Legion, wanted to make up for this grievance and announced his plans for a Doctor Doom solo film at Comic-Con last year. There is already a script already, but whether this will ever be made into a film is becoming more and more unlikely, as Film School Rejects sums it up.

That's why the Doctor Doom movie is most likely going to fail

There are various reasons why the Doctor Doom film will probably not be implemented in the foreseeable future. But first there is Noah Hawley's first job as a film director. In the astronaut drama Pale Blue Dot, the creative, who has so far mainly worked in series, is directing a cinema film for the first time, after having already taken over the staging of individual episodes in the course of Legion and Fargo. He told Vulture that after the shooting of Pale Blue Dot he wanted to dedicate himself to the Doctor Doom film again.

"Toot!" - Doctor Doom, the best Marvel villain

Whether this is even possible, however, depends on several companies. Fox still owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. Even if the company likes Noah Hawley's script, the decision to film it could soon be Disney's. Because if the planned merger takes place and the corresponding brands are from now on produced under the Disney umbrella, it could well happen that Noah Hawley's Doctor Doom film can no longer be combined with the other plans for the upcoming comic book adaptations:

There is also some uncertainty about the potential of a Disney merger and the prospect that control of the X-Men and Fantastic Four could return to Marvel. Maybe her own plan is in a drawer somewhere. I just do not know.

So we have to wait and see if and how the takeover of Fox by Disney goes. Then we can start thinking about how the X-Men and Fantastic Four can get along with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Several parties have to coordinate here. If Noah Hawley's plans for Doctor Doom are actually implemented, after Sony's Venom film, the next comic book adaptation with a villain as the explicit main character could be waiting for us in a few years.

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