Will religions reach Mars?

Vatican: Finding water on Mars can change the image of God

According to the Vatican chief astronomer, the discovery of liquid and frozen water on Mars and the possibility of life on the Red Planet will help increase knowledge about God.

The chief astronomer Consolmagno said in an interview for the English service of Vatican Radio. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) unveiled its latest earth-shattering discoveries about life on Mars in late September. Consolmagno is a Jesuit and director of the Vatican observatory.

The central point is the belief that the universe was created by God, according to the 63-year-old US religious and former researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Christians should continue to believe in God's power over the universe, although it must be admitted that finding extraterrestrial life on Mars may convey a different image of God to some believers.

Learn more about the meaning of "creation"

"When God creates a universe in which life is everywhere, it gives us a different picture of God, and we also learn more about what 'creator' and 'creation' mean," added the Vatican astronomer, who frequently new NASA discoveries commented. The idea that the universe obeys laws is religious in origin, Consolmagno said. He also commented on this in a recent interview with the science magazine "Science".

AP / Gregorio Borgia

Guy Consolmagno, Vatican chief astronomer

God give him strength for his daily work: “You have to believe that it is worth devoting your life to exploring the universe, even if it does not make you rich and famous. Feeling the presence of God when you get up in the morning gives you the strength to do just that. "

As head of the observatory, he sees his task as being "to offer other astronomers the space for research". The Vatican does astronomy because the view of the sky is an important part of being human - "because our souls must be fed just like our stomachs". He himself realized this during a mission for the US Peace Corps in Africa: "These people had no running water - but they really wanted to look through a telescope."


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