How will social media react to World War III

How social media manipulate our opinion

How social media manipulate our opinion

Background, reasons (m.) - here: the invisible environment in which something takes place

Election campaign, election campaigns (m.) - the time before an election when a politician tries to convince people of himself

Campaign, -n (f.) - here: public action for or against something in order to influence people's opinion

proceed from someone / something - here: coming from someone or something

Stir up indignation - intensify anger; Make people angry

Reporting, -en (f.) - the way the media report on something

Extent, -e (n.) - here: the size; the amount

Corona denier / Corona denier - People who believe that the corona pandemic does not exist

Real-time radicalization (for singular only) - What is meant here: a process in which a person develops politically radically and so quickly that you can observe it live

Conspiracy ideology - a perspective on the world that believes that a small group with a secret plan rules the world

promote something - here: reinforce something; support something

Source, -n (f.) - here: origin of information; the place where information comes from

split something - divide something into two or more parts

Media literacy - the ability and knowledge to use media safely

User - here: someone who uses the internet