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Savings account comparison 2021 - which bank currently offers the best interest rates?

Are you investing in stocks, funds or ETFs too risky, too insecure or do you have little experience with securities transactions?

Negative interest rates for everyone?

Only a few banks have applied the negative interest rate so far. If your bank is concerned, you should definitely switch. At the moment there are still quite good interest rates, e.g. 0.40% for overnight money at the big bank. A large proportion of German investors still prefer the classic one saving account in the area of ​​overnight money or fixed-term deposits.

"In our finance portal we inform you about over 100 savings accounts in Germany and the EU."

up to 0.50% compared to a savings account


Savings accounts and overnight money are the most popular investments.

There are small differences between savings accounts and call money accounts in terms of availability. Due to the many similarities, you will find both savings models in our comparisons. In the case of call money accounts, these are savings accounts that you can access to your money at any time. With our savings account comparison = overnight money comparison, we help you to understand the small print and to find the best interest rates and safe savings offers even when interest rates are low.


Savings account interest - is it still worth saving?

The ECB is trying to stimulate the EU economy and get inflation going again with low key interest rates, at which banks can borrow money from the central bank. The consequence is meager savings rates. What does this mean for interest on savings? Read our forecast for the development of savings interest rates in 2021 and follow the current interest rate development.

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Time deposit savings account - secure high interest rates!

Saving fixed-term deposits is a clear and popular form of saving that guarantees fixed interest rates at the beginning of the term. These are higher than with overnight savings. A special form of the fixed deposit savings account with monthly payments is the payment plan! In our time deposit comparisons, we have more than 500 offers at German and EU banks and thus give a broad overview. You can view interest rate changes and interest rate trends from our database free of charge and find out about trends and news in fixed-income investments.

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Achieve a higher return on your savings account with interest rate brokers?

Interest rate brokers such as WeltSparen, Savedo and Zinspilot provide German savers with offers from foreign banks with high fixed interest rates. We have extensively tested the providers and backed up the results with extensive interest rate statistics.

Which broker of savings investments abroad is the best interest rate broker?
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Savings account for children - please invest money securely!

Saving for children and saving for grandchildren is an important issue even in times of low interest rates. Families know that saving for children in the form of an early investment makes sense for the offspring and serves as a financial provision. Information on the advantages and disadvantages of overnight money, savings accounts, fixed-term deposits, junior custody accounts, building savings, training insurance and crowd investing.

In addition to comparisons, articles on the withholding tax and topic-specific articles on legal principles such as ward protection and parental access rights to child accounts are available.

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But do you prefer to invest in stocks and funds?

Do you want to wait a few more months for the ECB to raise key interest rates and, as a result, interest rates to rise? The brokers earn from order fees and custody fees and want to win new customers while the stock market is booming. You can benefit from this and receive high premiums if you transfer capital, for example from an investment account to a broker, and open a stock or fund custody account. Some brokers offer you a bonus of up to 2.00% interest (Consorsbank) on overnight or fixed-term deposits. Find out more and choose a broker with low order fees and high bonuses when changing securities accounts. For the brave, it is worth reading our guide on binary options.

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An alternative investment to a savings account with a sustainable bank / eco bank?

There are alternatives to the classic bank, which is suspected of aligning its business model only with profit and profitability. In our check, we evaluate the so-called ethical and eco-banks in the area of ​​current accounts and investments.

How high are the fees at the eco banks such as Triodos Bank, GLS Bank, EthikBank eG and UmweltBank? Can the interest rates for overnight money and fixed-term deposits keep up with socially committed banks specializing in environmental projects?

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Investor protection, deposit insurance and ratings.

It is helpful to find out about the general differences and special features of the savings options. In addition to the interest rate, the security of the deposits in online savings accounts is particularly important for savers. Our Savings account comparison helps you with detailed information on investor protection and investment conditions. A risk analysis is particularly important for offers from interest rate brokers from banks abroad and should always be carried out in spite of the statutory deposit insurance. Our fair provider overview with over 100 banks (e.g. also regional banks such as Ostsächsische Sparkasse) can help you to find a suitable account with a solid bank.

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