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Selling off the sellers with a free supplement (giveaway)?

To illustrate this, I have copied excerpts from the very interesting Wikipedia article:
Book country EAN and ISBN-10 on the back of a book

The ISBN system was linked to the system of international article numbers EAN. This means that books can be transferred to merchandise management systems worldwide within the EAN system without the need for time-consuming re-labeling with national barcodes. Since the first three digits of an EAN usually stand for the country of registration, e.g. B. "400" to "440" for the German EAN administration, a "Bookland" was introduced for books, so to speak for "registered in the country of books". The EAN country numbers 978 and 979-1 to 979-9 are provided for books. (The prefix 979-0 is used by the International Standard Music Number (ISMN).)

ISBN-13 is identical to the EAN-13, which belongs to the book, except that the EAN does not contain any hyphens.

ISBN-10 can also be converted into an EAN-13 or ISBN-13 system. To do this, the ISBN-10 is simply preceded by the EAN sequence of digits 978 and the old check digit is replaced by the newly calculated EAN check digit.

Today the system is referred to as GS1 press code because it is used for other published media (periodicals, CD-ROM) in addition to books.