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Always on track: 5 stock market apps that you should have on your smartphone

Always informed about that global economic and political events: Learn more about Bitcoin, Fintechs and digitalization. Watch how your portfolio is doing and how it is going Corporate news on the Share prices impact. With these five powerful Exchange apps keep the at all times on business trips or on vacation Overview of your finances.

Whether on the beach in Bali, during a meeting break in New York or in a taxi to the airport - you can get them with the numerous stock market apps current stock exchange prices and messages directly to your smartphone anytime, anywhere. With their individual watchlist you can see at a glance how your Portfolio or your Favorite stock developed. Also worry Push messages ensuring that you never miss a message about your observed values.

The apps all have different focuses, but each fulfills its purpose and offers current news, share prices and indices almost in real time at. The decision for one or the other app is yours and is purely a matter of taste.

1: Bloomberg app: Always up to date in politics and business

TheBloomberg app is an offshoot of one of the world's leading news agencies. This is particularly evident in the breadth of what the app offers. In addition to audio contributions and reports, which are mainly available in English, the majority of the app is in German. The focus is clearly on news and Comments as well as reports too Trending topics from politics and business. The comments and contributions, which are saved as Podcasts or videos are available.

2: OnVista app: News and background of the latest investment products

The OnVista app is clearly structured and clear. The start page provides a quick overview of latest news and a List of the most important stock market indices. In addition to the top news there is the Issuer news with comments from professional market participants on securities, stocks and commodities. All common investment products can be found quickly using the menu control. In addition, the user is provided with a very extensive historical database spoiled. In this can Stock prices traced back up to ten years become. Your own sample depot can be created after registering with login.

3: Börse Frankfurt app: DAX live cam in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Börse Frankfurt app belongs to Deutsche Börse AG. Of course she is allowed to Live camera on the DAX board in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange not missing. The app is pleasantly tidy because there are practically no annoying advertising. The operators of the app also refrain from visual effects and images and you also have to do without opinions, comments and reports on trending topics. Therefore there is News and reports from recognized agencies such as dpa-AFX. An easy-to-use watch list completes the offer.

4: App from finanzen.net: direct securities transactions

The app from finanzen.net attaches great importance to visual effects. Each contribution is linked to a suitable image. Rising or falling stock prices are identified by a red or green color. That gives the feeling live on the stock exchange to take part. In addition, the app free push notifications offers on index levels and stocks. The highlight of the app: With a depot at finanzen.net brokerage the user can carry out his securities transactions directly from the app.

5: Yahoo Finance: News and stocks from Asia, USA & Europe

Yahoo couples the Economic and corporate news with the thematically appropriate securities and currencies. For the regions Asia, USA and Europe are each on one side the Day winners and losers as well as the most traded stocks are listed. There is also a page with the major currencies. However, the app does not show other investment products, such as bond prices or derivatives.

Do you already use one of these 5 apps or do you know any other stock exchange apps that we should include in our collection? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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