Why do movies use long settings

Record videos with the iPhone's camera

If you record a video in slow motion, your video will be recorded as normal and you will see the slow motion effect during playback. You can also edit your video so that slow motion starts or stops at the time you choose.

  1. Select the "Slo-Mo" mode.

    On iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, you can click Tap to take a slow-motion picture with the front camera.

  2. Tap the record button or one of the volume buttons (Volume Up or Down) to start recording.

    While recording, you can tap the shutter button to take a still photo.

  3. Tap the record button or press one of the volume keys (volume up or down) to stop recording.

If you only want to play a portion of the video in slow motion and the rest of the video at normal speed, tap the video thumbnail and then tap Edit. Use the vertical bars below the image view to define the section of the video that is to be played back in slow motion.

Depending on the model, you can change the frame rate and resolution for slow motion recording. Select "Settings" > "Camera"> "Record Slo-Mo" to change the settings for slow motion recording.

Tip: Use the quick toggles to adjust the video resolution and frame rate while recording. For more information, see Change the frame rate and resolution of videos with Quick Toggles.