How much does a garden shed cost

What does it cost to build a garden house?

Performance: costs at a glance

Type of garden houseØ costs
Small wooden house kit (2.5 m²)from 300 €
Kit medium wooden house (5 m²)from € 1,000
Large wooden house kit for living€ 5,000 to € 15,000
Small metal house kit (2.5 m²)from 200 €
Large metal house kit (30 m²)from € 13,000
Small plastic house kit (2 m²)from 200 €
Large plastic house kit for livingfrom € 2,600

In addition to the practical aspects, a garden house can also serve as cozy accommodation for guests or as a children's playground. Whether with a modern facade or with an alpine flair - it embellishes the garden according to your own wishes.

Before building a garden shed, it is advisable to make a rough cost calculation in order to avoid possible cost traps. Depending on which type of house and which accessories are desired, costs with three to five-digit numbers come to the garden owner.

The following list helps to keep track of the costs incurred. Possible cost factors and prices for various garden houses and accessories can be found here. Information on building permits, insurance and foundations help to avoid possible sources of error.

Possible cost factors when building a garden house

As with a normal house, the cost of a garden house depends on its size. The more material and area is built, the more the planned house will cost.
The selected material is also decisive for the price. Houses made of plastic, wood and metal are available. There are further price differences within the individual building materials: Thicker and therefore higher quality logs cost more than their thinner counterparts.

The interior and exterior design is another cost factor that needs to be taken into account. A larger number of windows, a canopy or a terrace also increase the price of the garden house.

Buying a kit does not necessarily have to be cheaper than building it yourself. A cost comparison and a precise calculation are worthwhile here. Depending on the type of house you want, building your own house can be considerably cheaper, provided the builder has experience with wood and construction.

What are the costs for finished kits?

The price range for finished garden houses is wide - everything is represented from low three-digit to five-digit amounts. When it comes to pricing, the selected material also decides:

Small wooden houses with a floor space of around two and a half square meters are available from 300 euros. They are well suited for storing garden tools. Medium-sized wooden houses with five square meters cost around 1,000 euros. If you want a garden house in which you can also live, you have to reckon with costs of 5,000 to 15,000 euros.

Metal garden houses are easy to care for and inexpensive. Tool sheds with an area of ​​two and a half square meters cost around 200 euros. The large variant with a floor space of 30 square meters has to be calculated at 13,000 euros.

Plastic garden sheds are easy to assemble and do not require painting. They are cheaper to buy than wooden houses. A small house with a floor area of ​​two square meters costs around 350 euros. A large habitable garden house is available from 2,600.

Take into account the costs of the foundation

It is not just the purchase of the building materials or the kit that costs money; When building a garden house, there are additional costs depending on the project:

A foundation is essential for all garden houses. It keeps the floor dry and makes the house stand straight. Depending on the subsoil and the size of the house, a concrete slab, a strip foundation or a foundation with paving slabs is required. The concrete slab and strip foundation are the more expensive, albeit most durable, variant at around 30 euros per square meter. Pavement slabs are a little cheaper at 10 euros per square meter.

Prices for assembly

If you don't want to build your garden house yourself, you can hire a specialist to do the assembly. Prices of an average of 400 euros are possible for this. The costs depend on the provider and the building project. It is worth getting several offers.

Anyone who wants a special interior and exterior design must expect two to four-digit additional costs. This includes additional windows, shutters, floor coverings, flower boxes, terraces, roof shingles, gutters and various attachments.

Legal tip:

The state building regulations of the respective federal state determine when a building permit is required for a garden house. Decisive points are size, use and space.

When a building permit is required

The state building regulations of the respective federal state determine when a building permit is required for a garden house. Decisive points are size, use and space. The necessary information can be obtained from the local building authority. The application must be made informally and must explain what material, where and how big the garden shed should be.

The fees vary from state to state and depend on the respective procedure and its effort. Take Munich, for example: a minimum fee of 40 euros can be expected here.

Attention: If you do not obtain the required building permit, you will quickly fall into the cost trap. If a neighbor files a complaint, the competent authority demands that the garden shed be torn down. The money already invested is lost.

Checklist for building a garden house:

  • Determine the purpose of the garden shed
  • Determine house size
  • Use a kit or build it yourself?
  • Desired material: wood, metal or plastic?
  • Build it yourself or have it built?
  • Select the type of foundation
  • Obtain building permit if necessary
  • Clarify insurance

Kit or do it yourself?

Laypeople who have no experience with wood and construction should fall back on a prefabricated kit from the trade. An incorrectly constructed house can quickly become a cost trap if the statics are incorrect and improvements are necessary. A kit, on the other hand, can also be easily assembled by an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer.

If you have the necessary knowledge, you get away financially more cheaply with the self-construction. Especially with more complex and better equipped houses you can save compared to the finished set. In addition, it is easier to bring in your own ideas. However, you have to take into account the additional time required for an in-house design.

Build kits yourself or have them built?

Finished kits from specialist dealers can be easily assembled by yourself thanks to the assembly instructions supplied. Some manual dexterity and basic knowledge are helpful, as well as other helping hands.

If you want to save time and effort, you can have the garden shed built by a specialist. However, additional costs must be budgeted for this.

Clarify insurance

Anyone who keeps expensive equipment or bicycles in their garden shed is well advised to take out insurance. If the garden house is built on the same property as the house, it is usually covered by household insurance. To be on the safe side: it is best to ask the insurance company in advance and have the garden shed included in the contract.

Built on a separate plot of land, the garden shed must be insured separately. The board of directors is the first point of contact in allotment gardens. Separate insurance for a garden house costs an average of 50 to 100 euros per year.