How do I win in life

I also only realized a few years ago what exactly these words mean.
We all come to this earth to win in life. In other words, we come to this earth and have already won this life! We are lucky!

This self-image of being a winner is then quickly taken away from us by society. We are told "You only win if you achieve certain things, have a status and meet certain parameters"
We are told, "You are a loser until you are what we tell you to be." And being a loser feels like shit, so we try to meet all of these requirements. But because our goals and desires are then no longer our own, they cannot make us winners, even if we achieve and realize them.
On the contrary, they make us losers. To the loser of our most valuable, non-renewable resource, our lifetime. .

To win in life you don't have to do anything but remember. To remind you that you have already drawn the main prize. About the fact that you've long been a winner. Open your eyes to this amazing gift called life and allow yourself to live as meaningfully as possible. Allow yourself to pursue your own goals, seek and find your own happiness. In big and small moments. I will tell you more about the topic of “winning in life” in the current podcast episode.

Much Love,
Your Sarah