What is the interview process in Viacom

How to land an internship at MTV 2021 - music career

"How do I get an MTV internship?" A popular question for aspiring music merchants looking to pursue a career behind the scenes at MTV or on camera. The competition for MTV internships (and internships with their sister music networks) is fierce, but the price is worth it. That kind of hands-on experience with a large music industry company and the real world exposure you can expect after graduation can mean a big career boost.

MTV is part of the media company Viacom, which offers a summer affiliate program. Potential summer partners apply via the Viacom Careers Summer Associate portal. The 10-week program is aimed at college graduates and, according to Viacom's website, is more than a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry.

What you can expect from a Viacom internship

Those selected as summer partners for one of the Viacom properties, which include MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike TV and VH1, get what the company calls "immersive" experience. Consultants help employees develop a group business proposal for senior executives. Many former employees are hired at the end of their summer program.

Familiarize yourself with the channel you want to work for and be ready to commute if you don't make the first choice. It is worth considering an offer to work at VH1 if, for example, you do not have a job at MTV. If there are a lot of candidates for the positions in front of the camera, consider being part of the team running MTV's Facebook or Twitter pages. Don't limit yourself to just one potential job. A foot in the door is always valuable for young graduates who want to get into the industry.

Viacom and MTV's summer employees work in different departments including engineering, product, UX and UI design, digital research, content production and marketing. This can include work beyond on-air projects, including social media, live events, and websites and mobile websites.

Applications are opened in October and November with certain dates depending on the department. Candidates for the first round will be selected by January, with face-to-face interviews in late January and February. Candidates will know if they made the cut by mid-March. The summer supporting program then starts in June.

Make sure you meet the requirements

The MTV summer partner program is aimed at recent university graduates. However, for students there are usually other options available through Viacom's University Relations Department. They usually vary depending on the department and individual channel. You can also inquire about internship information through your own internship office. And MTV has internship rides on college campus frequently, so find out if and when your school has a swing appointment.

Prepare your resume

Here is your chance to sell yourself. While it's not a deal breaker without any music industry experience, if you've definitely got some hands-on music work, play it up here. And the more versatile you are, the higher the chances that you will be considered for different positions. You want your internship resume to reflect any other skills that make you a suitable candidate, such as: B. social media or writing experience.

Former MTV interns report that the interview process can be quick. So prepare well before you get the first call. Internships at Viacom are very competitive, but as a versatile and enthusiastic candidate, you have many options.