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Market observation, as an essential task of sales and product management, is based on the one hand on the direct sources of information from the sales process and on the other hand, for supplementation and testing, on the additive secondary sources. The Internet is showing itself to be a secondary source of ever greater importance and there are many roads leading to Google. Google offers a whole range of powerful, free tools for tracking information on the Internet. In addition to Google Alerts, particularly suitable for daily competition monitoring, there are Google Trends and the more comprehensive Google Insights for Search for monitoring longer periods of time. With Google Insights for Search you can compare search behavior across different regions, categories and time periods. From a sales point of view, there are two interesting applications:
1. A ranking of several companies or products
2. A ranking of topics and their trends

1. Ranking companies / products

Examples are the companies Gira, Busch-Jäger and Berker (manufacturers of building electrical installation systems). For the Google Insight query, Germany, broken down by federal state, the last two years and the industry sector was selected.

The evaluation shows the following result:

The evaluation shows the growing interest in building installation topics, Gira’s prominent position and regional differences for the individual providers. The evaluation can of course also be carried out internationally. The evaluation also shows the top search queries and the increasing search queries, i.e. trends. With evaluations of this kind, you can also indirectly check the success of sales campaigns or events such as large trade fairs.

2. Ranking of topics and their trends

The applications wikis, blogs and forums are chosen as examples. The evaluation continues to show increasing search queries for wikis, stagnating for blogs and falling for forums. The clear regional differences, which indicate different levels of development or acceptance, are also interesting.

As shown, evaluations with Google Insights provide valuable additional information on temporal and regional trends that reflect the activity and interests in the market. You have to be a little careful with evaluations and conclusions, as terms can be ambiguous. The delimitation by the categories is then helpful.

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