Why did Apple make iTunes disappear

iTunes discontinued: This is what happens to iTunes purchases and Windows users


Three new apps replace the Dino under the Apple software

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What happens to my iTunes purchases now?

Over the years, Apple users have made numerous purchases, downloaded music, bought films, and devoured books and audiobooks. When iTunes shuts down, iTunes purchases don't just go away. Instead, Apple chose to replace iTunes on the Mac with three separate apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.

iPhone 11 in Dark Mode with iOS 13 (concept)

In these three new apps, users will find their iTunes purchases on the Mac in the future. All you have to do is wait until macOS Catalina is rolled out in autumn. A manual transfer of the purchases and backups is not necessary. What then remains despite macOS Catalina is the iTunes Music Store, so that users can continue to make purchases instead of just having an Apple Music subscription. Films can now be found in the Apple TV app, which will also offer access to the new Apple streaming service Apple TV + in the fall. Apple combines audiobooks with books in the "Books" app.

What happens to iTunes on Windows?

Windows users will still be able to use iTunes to the same extent as before in the fall, as Apple explained during the keynote. You can still backup and update using the iTunes application for Windows.

Connect iPhone to PC backup, restore and media backup

In this guide we explain how you can synchronize your iPhone or iPad with iTunes on your PC.

iPhone and Co. can still be backed up via the Mac

All devices connected to the Mac can still be backed up, restored and updated via the computer even after iTunes is switched off. But instead of a flashing iTunes symbol, the connected device will be displayed in the sidebar in the Finder and is available for the corresponding operations.

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