Where is India's supercomputer PARAM

India puts its newest supercomputer into service

After India was unable to acquire a supercomputer from the USA due to export restrictions in 1988, the C-DAC launched its own development program. This gave birth to the first Indian supercomputer PARAM (PARAllel Machine). Since then, 52 units have been installed mainly in India, but also in Canada, Germany and Singapore. The supercomputers are characterized by an extremely low price. For example, the latest addition, the "Param Padma" costs only about 5 million US dollars, half of what an equivalent system costs on the market. On the other hand, the computing power of just one teraflop appears low compared to the fastest supercomputer, the "Earth Simulator" in Japan with its almost 36 teraflops.

For the first time, IBM's Power4 will be used instead of SUN's UltraSparc-II processors. It is an SMP supercomputer. Linux or AIX is used as the operating system, whereby 62 × 4 nodes can be used under AIX and 8 × 4 nodes under Linux. These nodes are connected by a newly developed full duplex switch with 2.5 GBit / s. Primarily 5 Tbytes are available as data storage, the capacity can be expanded to 22 Tbytes. Further specifications are available from C-DAC. (svh)

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