There is no credit card background check

Background check of the financial institution [closed]

IANAL, but it appears that many financial institutions are looking for criminal records, time periods, and disqualifications when there are convictions for crimes involving "dishonesty" or "breach of trust".

From this source:

"Dishonesty" is defined as "cheating or cheating, cheating or cheating, directly or indirectly, in order to make money or to be of equal value, or wrongly taking over property rightfully owned by someone else in violation of a criminal law.

"Breach of trust" is defined as "any unlawful act, use, embezzlement or omission in relation to property or funds tied to any person in a fiduciary or official capacity, or the abuse of official or fiduciary position against an unlawful act, misappropriation or Failure to do so. "

IANAL again, but shoplifting sounds like "dishonesty". Depending on whether it is a crime or shoplifting, you may be more or less lucky if you manage to do that. Rely on the background check to pick him up and be ready to speak to him.

If you haven't already (and it's a misdemeanor), see if the conviction is removed from your file.

Good luck.