How do I avoid blotting

We'll tell you 7 tips against shiny skin that REALLY help!

Tips against shiny skin: You should definitely avoid these no-gos

Less is more

Peeling, washing lotion, serum and cream: An overdose of care products can stress the skin and this often leads to a greasy sheen. Excessive washing can also increase the skin's sebum production because the skin wants to protect itself from drying out after cleansing. Our tip: It is sufficient to wash your face in the morning and in the evening with a gentle washing lotion.

Wrong care products

Care products that do not match your skin type can also stimulate oil production. If you have combination skin, you shouldn't use a cream for oily skin, but a product for combination skin.


Sure, there is nothing better than soaking up a little sun outside. But did you know that sunbathing can lead to oily skin? The skin reacts to the sun's rays and produces an oily layer to protect itself from the heat.

Too much powder

Shiny facial skin? Many use powder to mattify the skin in seconds. But be careful: Too much of a good thing can do more harm than good to the skin. Especially women who naturally have oily facial skin should not repeatedly cover the skin with powder. This clogs the pores and can lead to blemishes and pimples.

Tips against shiny skin: these are the dos!

Mattifying & sebum-reducing products help

On particularly hot and stressful days, you can prevent shiny skin with cleansing, mattifying care products. Oil-free gels and washing lotions that have an antibacterial and sebum-reducing effect can be the solution for a dull complexion. When choosing the foundation, pay attention to mattifying properties.

When buying face creams, pay attention to the ingredients

The right cream can help regulate the skin's oil release. Ingredients such as zinc and silicon inhibit the production of sebum, for example. The day cream replaces the oil and supplies the skin with moisture - without being greasy.

SOS solution: Blotting Paper

If you want to freshen up quickly after work and get rid of shiny skin, you should use blotting paper. These are paper tissues that are coated with antibacterial powder. With it you can dab the skin areas affected by shine and mattify the skin quickly and easily. Important: Do not smear the paper under any circumstances, but dab off the "layer of oil".

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