What is your opinion on Valentine's Day

Is Valentine's Day unreasonable?

February 14th gets on more people's nerves than you think. Are you there too?

A few years ago, on Valentine's Day, some people took a flower with them when they went shopping. Just in passing, if it so happened.Valentine's Day was something of a name day. You knew it was happening, but it had no special meaning. It's different today. As soon as New Year's Eve is over, the hype about Valentin begins. Dinner arrangements are advertised as early as January, gift ideas are advertised and tips are given on how to effectively seduce the treasure on February 14th with clams and pomegranate and sexually drive him crazy with chocolate-soaked strawberries.

All of this is well and good for everyone who is freshly in love or in a happy relationship in February and is professionally cleared on Valentine's Day - which actually falls on a Tuesday this year. But if you keep in mind that every 3rd single in Austria and Germany and every second marriage is divorced, there must be quite a number of people in this country who are not loved on Valentine's Day just because of the media trara, but simply feel excluded and therefore really bad. You have to ask yourself: What is it all about?

How do the millions of singles in Austria and Germany find Valentine's Day?

As soon as these many singles and unhappy couples have survived the Christmas season more or less safe or bad, the whole theater starts all over again. Not only that, one is likely to be single, newly separated or divorced in the face of love-like overstimulation in the media may really feel like an outsider - even if you are not such an outsider because of the single numbers mentioned above, but rather meet the statistical norm. Even when you're in a relationship, you may feel just as strange if you don't want to spend 800 euros for a bombastic gourmet and wellness package with your darling that lasts several days. Or can. Or as a man just does not have the necessary change to take care of his sweetheart 14th of February to quickly bequeath a diamond pendant as a token of love.

Especially on Valentine's Day you should be aware that not all people are automatically and naturally in a relationship and are happy in it. A good part of our society - if not the vast majority - is not. And in my opinion one needs one too happy relationship, in which there are not only highs, but also never many lows, not the confirmation of yourself on February 14th of all places. Rather, it lives from the shared and very personal moments in silencethat a couple shares and experiences and connects. Be it the anniversary, the birthday of the partner or their children. And even if you do not post anything on social media on these days, it does not mean that these days did not take place or that they have a special meaning. Because they are very private and very personal.

Conclusion Valentine's Day:

Don't let the marketing hype and the many, supposedly oh-so-happy couples and their social media postings unsettle you or even discourage you. Beautiful relationships are not distinguished by the hoopla on Valentine's Day. And being single doesn't mean you will be left without a partner if you don't want to. Take care of yourself and treat yourself - everything else will come.

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