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We have talked with Kurdish, Tamil, Sinhalese refugees: US $ 4,000 each to get to Hamburg and Amsterdam.
We have talked with Kurdish, Tamil, Sinhalese refugees: US $ 4,000 each to get to Hamburg and Amsterdam.

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Even more: In Little Smile's institutions tolerance is the daily practice because Tamils, Sinhalese, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians all live together, learn together and pray together as one big family.
Even more: In the Little Smile facilities tolerance is practiced every day because Tamils ​​and Sinhalese, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians live together as one big family, learn together and pray together.
The Tamils other Singhalese had lived together peacefully for hundreds of years.
The development of the Little Smile Association (LSA) results from an aid project for Singhalese other Tamil children in need founded by Michael Kreitmeir.
The Little Smile Association (LSA) went out of an aid project founded by Michael Kreitmeir for Sinhala and tamil Children in need.
Two of his trademarks, i.e. to maximize the emotional intensity as well as the constant effort to achieve perfect photography form the background of the bloody struggle between the Tamil other Singhalese culture in Sri Lanka.
Two of his trademarks, the maximization of the emotional intensity and the constant striving for a perfectly designed image, form the background for the bloody battle between the tamil and Sinhalese Culture in Sri Lanka.
For these girls Little Smile has long become their home and it doesn't matter to them who is Tamil and who is Singhalese - here they are all brothers and sisters.
Little Smile has long been home for these girls and it doesn't matter who is there Tamilin or Sinhalesin is, siblings they are all here.
Sri Lanka should also explain in which ways the country will implement the recommendations of the reconciliation commission - which was founded after the end of the civil war between the Tamils and the Singhalese.
Sri Lanka should also explain how the recommendations of the Reconciliation Commission are to be implemented concretely Tamils and Sinhalese used has been.
Suresh, I do not know what lies still ahead and how all this will end, but I promise that I won't make any difference between Singhalese other Tamils.
Suresh, I don't know what's going to happen and how this will all come together goes on. But I promise to youThat I won't make a difference
We will focus in particular on traditional Singhalese other Tamil music following the motto: "Music brings people together". It is also essential to establish a national and international platform for the traditional crafts.
One focus is on traditional Sinhalese and tamil Music laid, according to the motto: Music connects. In addition, it is about creating a national, but also international platform for the old craft here.
Could the Commission provide information on what is being done to ensure that aid is actually delivered to some of the worst affected regions of Sri Lanka, given the long-running civil war between the Tamil other Singhalese?
Can the Commission say what is being done to secure the supplies of aid to some of the regions in Sri Lanka hardest hit by the tsunami, where the civil war between? Tamils and Sinhalese is additionally made more difficult?
After so much suffering and violence, who can help the people, both Singhalese other Tamil, find a way to mutual awareness and understanding?
Who can man, Sinhalese and Tamils after so much suffering and violence helping to find the way to mutual respect and understanding?
Why are children at school separated according to the race, why are there Tamil schools and Singhalese schools?
Singhalese (other languages: Tamil 18% and English)
Language and Religion: Sinhala and Tamil are official languages ​​in Sri Lanka. Sinhala is the language of the majority of Singhalese people, Tamil is mainly spoken by the Tamil minority.
Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages ​​of Sri Lanka. Sinhala is the language of the majority of the population and Tamil is mainly used by the tamil Minority spoken.
When it comes to the marketing, the Tamils are working together with a Singhalese group. SEED trades fruit to the South and receives organic tea and spices in return.
When it comes to marketing, they work Tamils with a Sinhala Group together. SEED delivers fruit to the south, from where organic tea and spices come.
And more still: Divia's best friend is Singhalese and both her younger brothers, Mikel and Robin, who are also Tamil, go to a Singalese school.
Even more: is Divia's best friend Sinhalesin, their two little brothers Mikel and Robin go as Tamils to a Sinhalese school.
The Tamil speaking people form 12% of the population, and half of them live in the south interspersed among the Singhalese.
The people with more tamil Language make up about 12% of the population and half of them live among the south Sinhalese.
As an eight year-old, he and his parents fled the Sri Lankan capital because Singhalese mobs were roaming the city, looking for Tamils like Renu to murder.
At the age of eight, he and his parents fled the capital of Sri Lanka because a Sinhalese Mob roamed the city looking for Tamils like Renu to kill her.
With ISO 15919, all sounds used in Bengali, Gurmuki, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Singhalese can be represented in the correct pronunciation using Roman letters.
With ISO 15919 all sounds can be represented in Bengali, Gurmuki, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala can be reproduced in a correct pronunciation in a Roman letter space.
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