Is it worth buying scales

Smart scales put to the test: body analysis with app support

Smart scales have a lot of functions ahead of their analog colleagues. Depending on the model, they determine not only weight, but also body fat, muscle mass, water content, bone content, and sometimes even the calorie requirement and heart rate.

For the measurements, the scales work with biometric impedance analysis: They send a weak current through the legs and evaluate the body composition based on the different conductivities of fat, muscles and water.

Not a medical reference, but stringent in itself

One thing in advance: These measurements do not meet any professional requirements and only give approximate values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can deviate from medical standards by 40 percent. This is also due to the fact that scales only measure the legs without additional hand movements, as we are presenting them here, but leave the upper body outside.

In the world of manufacturers, however, the information is usually stringent and, thanks to their smartphone apps, allow changes in the body to be logged and monitored over a longer period of time. In addition, you can see the deviation from the previous day and can quickly take countermeasures if weight and fat percentage increase.

Speaking of fat percentage: The way in which any cushions are distributed on the body is crucial for health. So-called visceral fat in the abdomen and fat that accumulates in organs is much more critical than a slightly chubby bottom or stocky legs. The only scale in the check that shows the visceral fat is the Eufy Smart Scale P1. But you shouldn't leave yourself blind here either.

For the whole household

We looked at six models in very different price ranges. Our test candidates support up to 16 people: Each roommate can enter their own profile, the devices then recognize who is on it based on their weight and biological data.

The following applies to all of them: it is best to place them on a hard floor. The scales should be level and firm in order to take correct measurements. Deep-pile carpets are a no-go. In general, the following applies: You should always take the measurements barefoot with warm feet (cold increases the skin resistance and falsifies the measurement) and if possible at the same time of day - preferably in the morning before breakfast.

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