Who sang Be Mine

With her self-titled debut album from 2014 and the successor »Das Ziel ist im Weg« two years later, alone, but again and again together with artists like the Orsons on songs and stages, Mine has impressively proven that pop music has many faces can.
Her songs sound so different, niche and courageous, just really quiet and then loud again, like little else. It's understandable that it won the 2016 pop culture award in the “Favorite Solo Artist” category.

At the beginning of 2017, Mine and Fatoni looked at the retrospective of the complex phenomenon of interpersonal relationships at »Alle Liebe Nachtrnach« and earned advocacy from the specialist press and feature pages - at the end of the same year it was awarded a 32,000 euro Crowdfunding campaign and guests such as Friedrich Lichtenstein, Grossstadtgeflüster, Bartek (Die Orsons), Fatoni, Edgar Wasser, Tristan Brusch, Textor (Kinderzimmer Productions), Haller, Ecke Prenz and the Berlin pub choir for the second time the dream of arranging themselves for the second time Heart project called orchestra concert.

Dark strings, threatening drums. This is how it starts. And it doesn't get any easier at first. Because then Mine sings with this great voice that could sing all radio hits in the world (and especially the German ones) in at least as beautifully: "I'm 100 years old / My head is full, my feet are cold / The whole world has sat down on my chest / Man is such an innocent creature.“

There are definitely more flaky ways to open an album. But why should you do that - after such a shitty year? And why not throw this massive chunk of song at people first, called “HINÜBER”, in which, by the way, the great Sophie Hunger has a furious appearance as a guest? You can take a deep breath later. The title track and the bouncer "UNFALL" form a strong link to the Mine album, which will be released in April. “ACCIDENT” is also direct and socially critical without being instructive. Rather, Mines' questions bite into his own thinking: “What is freedom? Who is constricting me? What is work Who will give me a present? Who always has enough for themselves? Who is staring at the table hungry? "

In an interview, Mine says: "2020 was of course made for thinking a little more, because you had to spend a lot of time with yourself. 'ACCIDENT' sums up very well how I felt. "

Mine opens the campaign for the album to be released in April with “UNFALL”. Once again with an extraordinary idea, as we know from her. On the website singMINEsong.de, she lets her musical fans and artist friends come first, shares notes and lyrics and invites everyone to make their own versions before releasing hers. The music to go with it - we can already tell - simmers and roars, is then very tender again, rears up, collapses, throws you across the room.

But do not worry: "OVER" is not the big pandemic record. Mine was already planning a new album, although “Kle Kleb” wasn't that long ago. She would have had a year without a tour anyway. Partly because the time before that was going very well for her. Thanks to “Adhesive” she was nominated in three categories for the Pop Culture Prize, in 2016 she had already won it as “Best Artist”. Your tour was completely sold out, and - I guess everyone who was there will sign that - it was a warm affair through and through. However, this strange year still had an impact on her work: “I had to find out that I had more air because all the live stuff was gone. So maybe I was able to put more work into this album than would normally have been possible. The love for making music and also the euphoria were therefore a little more blatant than usual. Although this is also due to the fact that I have always produced a lot myself, but my skills have grown from album to album. It gave me a kick to realize that I can now work completely independently if I want. That's why I feel closer to these songs than ever before. "

As usual, her companions Marcus Wüst and Dennis Kopacz, who have been with us since album number one, continued to be involved in the production.

As a counterpoint to the political pieces, there are poignant, pointed songs on "HINÜBER" about the minefield of emotions and coexistence. “ELEFANT” is a good example - and a highlight. Mine sings head voice, the music is almost funky, as if someone has been listening to Prince a lot lately. Lyrically, of course, it's about the elephant who likes to stand in the room. A great, well-known metaphor that has finally earned its own anthem. Mine's eyes shine when she talks about it: "I fully celebrate the track. I wrote it and immediately noticed: Great, he punches. The idea came to me when I was watching cheesy private television in the afternoon and there was so bad elevator music playing in the background. I found this light prancing fascinating and wanted to do something with it. "

You can already tell that it is still difficult to start the “Sounds like…” reference carousel at Mine. Your music has a special status in the German pop landscape. You can hear her songs that she likes to work with the pleasant part of German hip-hop, people like the Orsons, Edgar Wasser, Dexter, Crack Ignaz, Großstadtgeflüster, Samy Deluxe and of course Fatoni. At the same time, she has an affinity for pop songs that want to say more with simple words and speak their own language - something that Tristan Brusch and Haller, or Sophie Hunger, repeatedly manage in their German-language pieces. Incidentally, all of the names mentioned here have actually already recorded songs with Mine - which perhaps suggests the thesis that the best Mine reference is the cross sum of all of their always handpicked guests.