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EASTER SPECIAL - repeat episode 16 - GRENZGANG live stream "Iceland 63 ° 66 ° N - Symphony of nature, space and light" with Stefan Erdmann

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To be alone in the Icelandic highlands for days, surrounded by breathtaking nature and unlimited space, is an elementary experience. And that hits nature filmmaker Stefan Erdmann right in the heart! He then returns almost 30 times to explore the island in the North Atlantic on foot, by off-road vehicle, but also from the air. He is always on his own, but usually has two cameras and over 100 kilos of equipment in his luggage. Iceland presents him with breathtaking shots of thundering waterfalls, calving glaciers, hissing geysers, brightly colored mountains, ember-spewing volcanoes - and sheer extraterrestrial lighting moods. With the same obsession for months - you can't put it another way - he composes a medial symphony of images, music and narration from his enormous material fund in the production studio. Thanks to the soundtrack by the Icelandic singer Isgaard and the film composer Jens Lück, the declaration of love to Iceland with live commentary touches the senses and amazes the audience in disbelief!


Stefan Erdmann, born in 1966, has been enthusiastic about media design, especially music and film, since his youth. His professional career then led through various bands, the establishment of a recording studio and a film archive to his own advertising agency, before a visit to Iceland was the turning point. Since then he has combined his passion for untamed nature with the ability as a freelance filmmaker in elaborately produced and live commented film productions, which he presents live on the major stages in German-speaking countries. In addition to the extraordinary imagery, the specially composed film music also makes his works a special kind of listening and viewing experience. Stefan Erdmann lives with his family in Chiemgau.

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