How can I use Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker

What are Amazon Lockers?

Amazon Locker offer a new delivery or pick-up option for Amazon customers. Because the Amazon customer can now select in the delivery options that his package should be sent to an Amazon Locker, a own Amazon pick-up station, should be delivered. So the customer has the option of any timet Pick up your package at an Amazon Locker of your choice.

As usual, the customer can choose between standard or premium shipping. As soon as the parcel arrives at the dispatch station, the customer is notified by email and can then pick up his parcel. The Legitimation at the Amazon Locker takes place either via a pick-up code that is announced in the e-mail or by scanning a barcode with the aid of a barcode reader. Then instructions appear on the screens, which are simply followed.

Around 200 Amazon Lockers were initially set up across Germany, now there are more than 400. All of them are Amazon Lockers barrier-free and so accessible to everyone without any problems.

How does an Amazon Locker work as a parcel station?

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How long will the parcels be kept in the Amazon Locker?

The packages are total from delivery three days in the Amazon Locker, after which they will be returned to Amazon and the purchase price will be refunded through the return of the goods.

Which packages can be sent to an Amazon Locker?

So far, all packages can be sent to the Amazon Lockers that no larger than 42 cm x 35 cm x 32 cm are or a maximum weight of 4.5 kg exceed. If these criteria are exceeded, one of the other delivery options must be used. Another exception are packages or products that are sent by FBM Amazon dealers, i.e. all dealers who send their products themselves.

How are the shipping costs for Amazon Locker?

As usual, the shipping costs when using Amazon Lockers are free for Prime members. For everyone who is not an Amazon Prime member, cheaper prices are sometimes offered.

Amazon Locker or DHL Packstation - differences and similarities?

Essentially, they work DHL Packstation and the Amazon Locker in the same way: the parcel service provider does not deliver the parcel or parcel directly to the recipient, but to a collecting station on their behalf. Here, the delivery can be picked up by the recipient after authentication. With the DHL Packstation (sometimes also called "DHL Paketstation") you need a tracking number just like with the Amazon Locker and you have to identify yourself as a natural person. Once the entry has been made successfully, the parcel box opens on both systems and the shipment can be removed. After a short confirmation on the touchscreen, the shipment is recorded as "successfully delivered" in the respective Amazon or DHL system. The difference between DHL Packstation and Amazon Locker lies in the number of stations (DHL currently has around 3,400 Packstations in around 1,600 German cities, while Amazon has only set up 400 Lockers across Germany) and in the delivery of delivery services. The DHL Packstation is supplied exclusively by DHL's own delivery service and the Amazon Locker by the service providers from Amazon Logistics.