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Getting rid of love handles - 12 tips for quick results

You want to get rid of your love handles but don't know how? We'll reveal 12 tips to make your love handles a thing of the past.

Losing love handles in a targeted manner - is that possible?

Hip gold, lifebuoy or love handles. Love handles have many names and are one of the biggest problem areas around. Are you wondering how to get rid of your love handles in a targeted manner? It won't be easy, but you can do it.

Because your bodybuildsfatneithertargeted on certain parts of the body from. Still he builds fat all overevenly from. Does that sound contradictory to you? But that's really how it is. You can be lucky and really lose weight on your stomach first.

But it can just as well be that you first lose weight on your arms, legs, buttocks or face. Unfortunately, your body does what it wants here first. If you follow the tips below, you will still be able to get rid of your love handles and finally that Make six pack visible.

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Get rid of love handles with proper diet

70% of Training success does the nutrition out. That is why it really helps to pay more attention to it. We are, however no fans of strict diets. Healthy eating may also fundo and above all taste it.

1. Calculate the calorie requirement

How do you eat properly to get rid of love handles? First of all, it helps you to know how many calories you Every day be allowed to take in to achieve your goal. The easiest way to calculate this is with our foodspring calorie calculator.

You can find the calorie calculator here

2. Calculate your daily calories

If you know how much you can eat, it makes sense to just close it track, how many calories you actually per day with your normal diet take to you. There are various apps that do the counting and arithmetic for you.

3. Adjust your diet

Now that you know how much you normally eat, you can do yours Diet your Adjust goal. A strict diet is realnot necessary. Just make sure you have your Reduce portions or unhealthy meals replaces healthier variants.

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Get rid of love handles with endurance sports

Endurance sports is a particularly popular one possibility yours Melt love handles to to let. Running, swimming, cycling or other endurance sports bring your Circulation in swing. For you, that means you burn loads of calories.

You don't have to train hard and push your limits every time. It is enough if you with moderate speed about a Period of 30 minutes your persistence you train. Not sure what a moderate pace is for you Grab a heart rate monitor and run so that your Pulse at approx. 120bpm lies.

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Get rid of love handles with weight training

In addition to endurance sports, the Weight training now as a real one Fat burning miracle viewed. In weight training promote you yours Muscle growth. This ensures that your Calorie consumptionincreases and you burn more fat in the long run.

The big advantage of weight training is that you are here not just losing weight, but the built up Muscles at the same time for one nice shape to care. This is how you get rid of the love handles and come your dreambody always closer.

In addition to classic weight training in the gym, you can also do it at home with the train your own body weight. Forms of training such as HIIT, Tabata or Circuit trainingactivate the Afterburn effect and ensure that you burn more calories after training.

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Exercises against love handles

You can't work out your love handles in isolation. But with that proper workout can you Burning fat at full speed bring. Here you can find 6 crisp exercises around fastLove handles to to lose.

1. On point punches

Difficulty level:Easy
Trained:Endurance in shoulders, arms and legs
Note:Straight back, shoulders stay behind, arms not fully extended, feet lift diagonally to the punches
Variation - easy:Keep your feet on the ground
Variation - difficult:Raise your knees to hip height

2. Burpees

Difficulty level:Difficult
Trained:Strength and endurance throughout the body
Note:Keep your back straight during the push-up phase, and lay your whole body on the floor
Variation - easy:Burpee without a push-up
Variation - difficult:Pull your knees towards your chest as you take off

3. Military plank

Difficulty level:Easy
Trained:Chest, triceps and shoulders
Note:Always keep enough tension on your core muscles, avoid a hollow back
Variation - easy:Put your knees on the floor
Variation - difficult:Put your feet on a chair

4. Jumping jacks to the front

Difficulty level:Easy
Trained:Endurance especially in the legs, coordination
Note:Arms and legs move diagonally.

5. Skater jumps

Difficulty level:Difficult
Trained:Coordination, jumping power, thighs and calves
Note:Land as gently as possible after each jump
Variation - easy:Wait a moment until you start the next jump
Variation - difficult:Increase the pace

6. Aerobic front kick

Difficulty level:medium
Trained:Coordination, calf and thigh muscles
Note:The floor should be level and non-slip so you don't slip
Variation - easy:Do the kick without the hop

Love handles away workout plan

So that you can really get rid of those annoying love handles, we have put together these 6 exercises for a workout that you can do anytime and anywhere. You can easily download the training plan here. Just click on the button and save your love handles training plan on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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More tips to lose the love handles

1. Set training stimulus

Whether for endurance training, weight training or HIIT, the right one Training stimulus takes care of quick successes. This happens when you keep exercising at yours Limitsgo.

As the Principle of supercompensation works exactly, find out in our Contribution on the subject.

2. Take advantage of the recovery phase

You burn fat while exercising, but yours Muscles grow in the Recovery phase. More Muscleshelp but at the Fat burning. Instead of doing more and more every day and taking risks Overtraining get treat yourself and your body over and over again Day off.


  • It is not possible to train hip fat in a targeted manner, in isolation.
  • The combination of a healthy diet and exercise is most effective.
  • Interval training ensures the afterburn effect and thus increases your calorie consumption even after training.
  • Endurance exercise at a moderate speed is very effective for burning fat.
  • Weight training is especially good for muscle growth.
  • More muscles use more energy and burn more fat.
  • The right training stimulus is crucial for optimal success.
  • Use the recovery phase so that you can give full throttle again for the next workout.
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