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to have a good command of a language

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Should be one of the partners one this languages Not to be powerfulan interpreter is required.
If one of the partners should not speak one of these languages, an interpreter is required.
5:22 p.m.: Incidentally, the Pope speaks five languages: Spanish, Italian, English, German, French - apart from that, he should be the Latin one Be able to speak language.
5.22 pm: Incidentally, the Pope speaks five languages: Spanish, Italian, English, German and French - apart from which he may well have a command of Latin.
65% of the population are Germans Language powerful.
Still today 65% ​​of the population are using the German language.
You are the human Language powerful.
They are capable of human speech.
Our lawyers are German, English and Russian Language powerful.
Man has been telling stories since he was Language powerful is.
Many of my friends and acquaintances are not Scandinavian Languages ​​powerful.
Many of my friends and acquaintances don't read Scandinavian languages.
A language is a complex system of chosen words and forms the basis for communication between people who are the same Language powerful are.
A language is a complex system of selected words and it forms the basis of the communication between people who are able to speak the same language.
Therefore, traders should consider the English language Nevertheless to be powerful.
For example, all system administrators worldwide are English Language powerfulso that no multi-language functionality is required at the server level.
For example, because English is the common language for all system administrators worldwide, multilanguage capability at the server level is not required.
It says, however, that EU foreigners have to prove that they are German by passing a language test Language powerful are.
But it says, foreigners from inside the EU have to prove they are capable of speaking German by taking a language test.
We use the Internet, which ensures a fast flow of information between us and our customers ... Our employees are English and German Language powerful.
We also use email, thanks to this we have fast contact with our clients.
Of course, meaningful use of this collection is only for people who are Russian Language powerful are possible.
The mysterious foundling appeared out of nowhere on Whit Monday of the year 1828 in Nuremberg, moving laboriously and clumsily, hardly anyone Language powerful.
On Whit Monday 1828, in the city of Nuremberg, this mysterious foundling suddenly springs up from nowhere. He walks clumsily and laboriously and is hardly able to speak.
And it is also becoming more and more important at work, the English one Language powerful to be.
And also in the occupation it will ever be more important to be powerful the English language.
If you are the French Language powerful stop by JudgeHype to ask the developers questions themselves.
If you're familiar with the French language, visit JudgeHype to participate in submitting questions for the World of Warcraft developers.
That de Swaen the French Language powerful shows his translation of Le Cid by Pierre Corneille.
As a translator, he translated from French the Le Cid of Pierre Corneille.
Landlords live in the house, are always approachable and are German Language powerful.
Landlords live in the house, are always approachable and are the German language powerful.
The Language powerful, they made up stories to tell their children.
Now capable of talking, they made up stories for telling their children.
Courtesy of the artist Focus: Adventure Adventure without surtitles The Hong Kong author and director Vee Leong on her theater experiences in Germany - without the German one Language powerful to be.
Courtesy of the artist Focus: Adventure Beyond language Hong Kong playwright and director Vee Leong describes her amusing experience of traveling to Germany to see plays - even though she does not speak German.
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