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Meme and Kundalini Yoga Sangeet Singh Gill

Meme and Kundalini Yoga Sangeet Singh Gill Including 26 Kundalini Yoga exercise series or Kundalini meditations Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Exercise series and lectures: KRI, 272 pages ring binding The term "meme" is derived from the term gene. While the genes store genetic information, the memes store cultural knowledge that is stored by our consciousness in body cells (and elsewhere). This cellular memory serves as a guide to how Kundalini Yoga and other healing methods unfold their effects. This new perspective is particularly interesting for diseases that can be traced back to self-sabotage, overload or excessive demands. This book explains how we recognize memes and how we can use them to heal ourselves with the help of yoga. Memes can be a key to curing diseases to which our conventional medicine has so far had little answers: autoimmune diseases. Online order: Contact: Email: sange[email protected] Facebook: yoga / Twitter: Instagram: Web: Telegram:

Contents Foreword ... 6 1. Background What are memes ... 8 Memes and quantum physics ... 9 Memes as a means of communication ... 10 What is information? ... 12 Information is material ... 14 Memes are connecting strands between matter and experiences ... 17 Digital systems ... 19 Energy supports, but it does not create direction ... 21 Morphogenetic fields according to Sheldrake ... 23 Kundalini Yoga ... 27 Yoga and memes ... 28 2. Memes as material Fact ... 30 Why have memes not been discovered so far? ... 32 What brings the information into the water? ... 34 The phenomenon of the formative gaze ... 39 Basic or original memes ... 40 Evidence of effectiveness of homeopathy ... 42 An explanation of why homeopathy works ... 45 What is the source of the disturbance? ... 47 Memetics as a key ... 49 The scientific evidence for the existence of memes ... 51 Invisible to the naked eye. ..52 Inheritance of properties through external influences ... 54 Influence of the psyche on the immune system ... 56 The ability to recognize when looking from behind staring at ... 58 The cell memory ... 58 Changes in behavior during transplants ... 60 Individual results with drop images ... 61 3. Memes from a therapeutic point of view ... 62 Healing through attention ... 64 The human The body as a store of information ... 65

Blockages in the body as a form of information aberration ... 66 Healing through memes ... 68 The role of the subtle body ... 70 The law of the three ... 72 Processes run in two directions at the same time ... 74 Visualization of meme -Saving ... 76 Where can yoga help, and where not? ... 80 Possibilities and limits of Sat Nam Rasayan ... 81 4. The self-perception system (Self-Sensory-System) ... 83 Assumptions ... 85 Self-worth ... 87 Fears ... 88 Relationships ... 90 Learning to distinguish in a healing way ... 93 Intentions ... 95 The interplay between the two halves of the brain ... 96 Chaos or truth ... 99 Whoever can hear must serve ... 101 5. The five sounds ... 103 The sea of ​​memes, sound and frequency ... 105 The five forms of expression of our consciousness ... 107 Five frequencies and five sounds ... 109 The five sounds in Kundalini Yoga. ..112 The perception of the five sounds ... 114 The five sounds in the context of the body systems ... 117 The influence of our own consciousness on ourselves ... 119 Healing through being ... 123 6. p Self-sabotage ... 126 How the imbalance of the hemispheres of the brain creates blockages ... 128 The mind cycle ... 130 The uncanny power of the suppressed female creative power ... 132 Like me to you, like me to myself ... 133 Self-strengthening and self-suppression. ..135 The field of tension between polarity ... 137 Overcoming autoaggression through self-determination ... 140

Self-deception ... 143 Body orientation ... 145 7. Memes form our identity ... 147 Memes form an independent being ... 148 Memes emancipate themselves from their creator ... 149 Dealing with the ego ... 151 What is the real self? ... 153 Change of identity ... 155 8. Communication with memes ... 157 Satisfied relationships and meme awareness ... 158 Network ... 160 Transfers between people ... 162 Working on the information field beyond the body ... 167 How the consciousness of others shapes, stabilizes and restricts us ... 171 When others talk about you ... 173 The connection between discrimination and susceptibility to influence ... 174 9. Meme therapy in practical application ... 175 The map of the body ... 176 Everything that is possible ... 177 Converting polarities going in the opposite direction ... 178 Using the body's information system ... 179 Bringing information together ... 181 Numerological components of meme therapy ... 183 Family constellations ... 184 List of body regions and their emotional equivalents ... 186 Disease pictures and their mental dimensions ... 188 Examples of targeted meme affirmations ... 194 The penultimate step: Making a decision ... 196 The last step: The self-perception system ... 198 10. Exercise series and meditations ... 199 Yoga series of exercises to prepare the body for changes ... 200 Pranayama breath - series of exercises ... 201 Overcome the fear of your own feelings - Fear 8 ... 205 Kundalini Yoga for throat and neck ... 207 Exercises for the Liver ... 208

Kundalini Yoga exercises for the five sounds ... 210 Practical exercise for Kant: Japa meditation ... 211 Practical series of exercises for Hirday: Kundalini Yoga for a golden heart ... 213 Practical series of exercises for the satellite sound: Self-control through developed sensitivity ... 215 Meditation for Bhekri: Break the trance of the Piscean Age ... 217 Exercise series for Anahat: Change perspective ... 221 Yoga exercise series to overcome self-sabotage ... 225 Exercise series to overcome fear blocks from childhood. ..226 State of mind and paranoia yoga set ... 228 Work on the root of unconscious depression Let go of your ancestors ... 234 Meditation to develop the power of expression LA970 ... 236 Meme and identity series of exercises and meditations ... 237 Kundalini yoga series of exercises for the heart ... 238 Meditation to protect yourself from negative projections ... 242 Kundalini Yoga for the lower spine ... 243 Learn to stay even though you want to flee - (Fear No. 7) ... 246 series of exercises / Meditations for Shuniya The zero point of the mind ... 249 Bring yourself into balance and release yourself from hypnosis ... 250 Get into the true state of balance ... 253 Stay in the field of tension between nothing and everything ... 255 End the search and take responsibility ... 257 Get the subconscious to be still ... 260 Series of exercises and meditations to control the ego ... 263 Yoga set: The waves of the corridor LA0963 March 3rd, 2001 ... 264 Yoga - Set for the purification of the self ... 268 Exercise series: Yogic greetings (Fish Fry Kriya) ... 269 Flexions with Jaap Sahib Humility, knee problems, devotion ... 272

Text samples Changes in the brain are verifiable according to the current state of research and recognized as a link between information and matter. The concept of memes ties in here and goes beyond that. Accordingly, there are changes in body cells that are triggered by information. The body cells communicate accordingly with the nerve cells. This means that without the human body, the brain could not store sensual memories. If the corresponding body cells are removed or die, no memory is lost, but a part of one's own identity, which is based on the existing sensory connections (= experiences). The whole thing also works beyond your own body. The bodies of other people or living beings also serve as the brain's resonance space. Even inanimate matter is animated by us. The transition to the Aquarian Age should be completed by 2038. Many do not know exactly what to think of these annual figures, it certainly makes sense to look at them from a distance. From the point of view of the climate debate, however, this number makes perfect sense. In 2038 we will know whether our planet has entered an age of rampant overheating or whether humanity will manage to curb its hunger for energy. We may then also know what our identity actually is and how it interacts with our consciousness. This knowledge can give us a tool on how we can deal with our hidden agendas, this uncanny control from our subconscious. This could not only cure modern individual diseases, but possibly also overcome the great disease that has afflicted the biosphere of our planet. Both are autoimmune diseases and we fight ourselves. Much knowledge about these processes is and is disclosed in the ancient scriptures of yoga

thus accessible to all. Little by little this will fit into the worldview of modern people. We will learn why information is stored in our body and what we have to do to be able to let go of it again. Until then, we can use experiences and observations to assign regions of our body to emotional connections. This is important because it enables us to deal with illness differently. We can develop a mental access to our body that enables us to influence our illnesses. Knowledge alone does not change anything in the state, but in combination with techniques such as Kundalini Yoga it should be possible for us to have a positive influence. Sheldrake's morphic fields correspond to the hypothesis of memes or cords. From a scientific point of view, however, it is imprecise to speak of fields, since this term is used for a physical phenomenon. It is exactly the same with the term energy. If we really want to understand how information affects us and us, we need a term from the world of information: memes. From a physical point of view, the information is on a meta-level within the formed matter. It forms a three-part order of the world together with matter and energy. This law of the three can be found in numerous cultures (e.g. Trinity in Christianity, Gunas in Ayurveda). With a physical approach to the phenomenon of memes, we are also approaching the possibility of scientifically demonstrating that memes exist. This would definitely give alternative healing methods the recognition and breakthrough they deserve. It would also have a major impact on how we perceive ourselves and how we see the world.

Gentle medicine tries to activate the inner self-healing powers through external stimuli. It assumes that people are fundamentally healthy. But health is sometimes overshadowed. The stimulants of gentle medicine are information carriers. The point is to end an information confusion that can cause disease in the body. Yoga works on a similar principle. It activates information by focusing on three aspects: posture, breath and attention. The yoga posture is the relation to matter. Breathing guidance can generate energy. Through attention we can recognize and transform information. Self-images keep us trapped in the prison of our minds. Most of the time, these self-images are generated by unprocessed experiences in our past. Often there are also pictures of others that we have adopted. Then it is necessary to counter the images that others have of us in order not to let these images dominate us. The ability to differentiate is just as important as the ability to create your own image of yourself. This becomes easier the less unprocessed emotional baggage we carry around in our subconscious. Three subject areas are crucial in order to overcome assumptions and to establish the self-perception system. These are self-worth, dealing with fears, and being able to have relationships. We can speak to ourselves in five different ways. This self-disclosure is the first step in approaching the five types of hearing. For this we should know what comes from ourselves and what is outside influence. This is sometimes not easy, because the mental activity of our fellow human beings and fellow creatures leaves us with memes that can go undetected if we do not realize this influence. There is also the influence of the inanimate things that surround us. The same applies here: we should be aware of this influence so that we can protect ourselves from it or use it specifically.

Fear is the most important hurdle on the way to self-awareness, self-worth and self-awareness. As long as you cannot face the 22 fears and integrate them, your perception will remain distorted. It is interesting to see which fears are named by Yogi Bhajan and which are not. In his list, certain fears that are repeatedly mentioned by those affected do not appear. From the point of view of yoga there is no fear of poverty because the universe always provides sufficient energy. The fear of being alone is also an illusion because separation from others is based on our limited imagination. The fears that Yogi Bhajan names are e.g. the fear of non-existence or the fear of one's own feelings. Of course, our diseases do not go away by ignoring them. However, if we understood the full background of the disease, then we could imagine it away. Our minds are like a leaf on a tree that represents ourselves. We only see the leaf and therefore have only limited influence. If the disease originates further within, we cannot influence it. The leaf cannot exist without the branch it is attached to and the roots of the tree. However, when our projective meditative mind is extended to the entire tree, the branches and roots can be affected. We can decide whether we want to continue to give disease-causing structures the space that nourishes them, or whether we transform them into something new, supportive.