Protein Makes You Fat or Thin

Women & Protein Shakes: Myth vs. Fact

Today we're clearing the myth that protein shakes and women don't go together. Discovering the benefits of protein ingestion is one of the keys to achieving a crisp and toned dream body.

We give you a guide with which you can understand the important role proteins and shakes play on the way to the desired physical goal.

We put the facts on the table and show you why, as a woman, you should make proteins a permanent part of your daily diet from today and when protein shakes can serve as a useful addition.

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The 2 Biggest Myths About Protein Shakes & Women

Unfortunately, many women still have the prejudice that protein shakes are only for men. Many associate bodybuilders who are pumped up with protein shakes and who in no way reflect their ideal of beauty.

This “fear” of protein limits your own physical success. We therefore want to dispel the two biggest myths.

Myth 1: Protein shakes give women masculine mountains of muscle

This is probably the most popular myth surrounding protein. However, it is simply not possible for women on a natural level to build up mountains of masculine muscle by consuming too much protein. The reason for this lies in the significantly lower testosterone release compared to men. From a biological point of view alone, women are therefore unable to build up unnatural amounts of muscle.

The supply of proteins definitely helps you to achieve well-formed and tight muscles - which woman doesn't want a firm bottom or tight arms? So you can confidently put aside the fear of masculine muscle mountains resulting from high protein consumption.

Myth 2: Protein shakes make women fat

So much in advance: The weight gain is always controlled by the total energy balance of the day. So if you keep a positive energy balance throughout the day (take in more food energy than the body consumes) this will result in weight gain - regardless of how high the protein content in the diet is. In addition, protein supports muscle building and muscle maintenance. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you use in everyday life. Additional intake of protein shakes can help you meet your personal daily protein requirement.

Benefits of protein shakes for women

Especially when it comes to losing weight and losing fat, getting enough protein in your diet is essential for success. The problem: During the diet, you eat fewer calories than you consume. As a result, you lose weight, but in addition to water you often lose muscles before you finally reach your fat reserves. If you can't get enough protein through food alone, protein shakes can help meet your protein needs and thus protect your muscles and still break down fat.

Advantage 1: Protein supports your muscles in growth

Those who are about to lose weight or lose fat often lose muscle too. Then you look thin, but not tight and defined. In technical jargon, this phenomenon is referred to as “skinny fat”. As a supplement to a balanced diet, protein shakes can help maintain muscle despite fat loss. As a result, you look defined and toned.

Advantage 2: Protein is part of a balanced diet

Ladies, hand on your heart: The temptations of chocolate, ice cream and other delicacies lurk especially when the dreaded cravings occur in the evening. A subliminal feeling of hunger that runs through the day can be an indication that the diet is not balanced and nutrient-rich. You should also make sure to drink enough water. A nutrient-rich diet includes complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats as well as vitamins and trace elements. Particularly within diets or the goal of weight loss, the protein content in the diet should be significantly increased in order to protect the muscles from degradation and to supply the body with the necessary nutrients.

Benefit 3: Protein helps burn calories effectively

Proteins can also help us support food-induced thermogenesis. This means that about 20-35 percent of the nutritional energy supplied by the proteins is only used by our body to break down and digest the protein in the complex process described. If you want to lose weight and save calories, you should definitely incorporate proteins or protein shakes into your diet and reduce carbohydrates and fats.

How Much Protein Should Women Consume?

The right amount of protein ingested depends, of course, on the physical goal and the level of physical activity. Due to the numerous advantages of the macronutrient protein described above, we generally recommend setting your daily protein consumption to at least 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. A remedy, for example, can be our Whey protein procure.

Our tip: Do you want to know how much protein you need for your goal? Use our macronutrient calculator and find out!

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“The lower the daily intake of calories, the higher the protein content should be. In this way you supply your body with the necessary nutrients and ensure muscle maintenance. "

Our final recommendation to all women: Forget all the myths you've heard about women's fitness and protein shakes so far. If you want a firm and firm body, you should train with heavy weights, integrate proteins into your diet and supplement it with sports nutrition.

In the end, what counts is the right balance between training and nutrition. The rule of thumb is 70% diet, 30% training. Because it doesn't work completely without sport. So girls, it's best to get rid of all the clichés and images and get on with the protein shakes.

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