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You Can Do Without It! 7 Hair Care Mistakes You Are Likely To Make As Well

HOW TO Even the Swedish queen trusts this crystal-clear advice. The royal hairstylists, Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam, know how to avoid these 7 typical hair care mistakes in the future.

We asked the two hairdressing legends behind the hair brand Björn Axén for a beauty talk. And you can tell right away that these two know their way around hair. Not only do they run Sweden's most successful hair care brand, in addition to five salons and their own hair care line, they also make sure that everything sits on the head of the Swedish royals.

Because it's their new hair care range Legacy soon to be available in Switzerland too, we meet them in Zurich. So of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to elicit a few professional tips from the charming gentlemen for our own head of hair. And surprisingly, the two of them are not interested in telling us which hair products we could still buy, but rather what we can do better if we want to have beautiful hair.

You are sure not to make these 7 hair care mistakes anymore

Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam in action

1 Hair care and styling do not match

"You stand in front of the shelf in the supermarket and think to yourself: Should I now use the shampoo for colored hair or the one for volume or the repair shampoo?" Johann Hellström knows that we are overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a shampoo. Hellström advises first finding out what the individual hair problem is and then tackling it specifically with hair care. Subordinate requests can usually be resolved through styling. “If the hair is very dry, for example, fix it, repair it and then use a styling product to get the volume,” explains Hellström. The same principle applies to fine hair. First strengthen the limp hair with hair care and then conjure up volume in the thin strands with styling products.

2 Fine hair needs volume care

Yes and no. Johann Hellström says that fine hair primarily needs proteins that strengthen it. “When your hair is frizzy, it's usually very hard. It's almost impossible to break, it's that strong. You have to soften it. Repair care is therefore usually the best for frizzy hair. " says Hellström. Fine hair, on the other hand, coincides with this care and simply hangs down straight. Volume products that also build and strengthen hair are better for fine hair, but not as easy to find. "My tip to everyone with fine hair is: buy products that actually strengthen the hair," says Hellström. This means that the next time you buy a shampoo, make sure that your hair care also contains proteins, such as rice proteins.

3 Start hair care too late

“If you have a wooden house and leave it to itself for the next hundred years, it will collapse. But if you take care of it, add good things, paint and repair the facade, then the house will be well preserved for a hundred and more years. " After this simplified representation, we are spared the shop floor talking about the hair as an organic fiber. And Hellström is right! Most of the time we don't think about conditioners and hair treatments until it's actually too late for our hair.

The following applies to the dream of royal hair: Prevention saves us a lot of nagging and nagging, in most cases probably both. It is very important to have a good shampoo, a good conditioner and a hair mask, according to Hellström. Not only to repair existing damage, but also to counteract possible damage in the future. "To have really healthy, good-looking hair, I recommend using a conditioner every two to three weeks."

4 Do not care for the scalp

Now Mr. Hellström is very excited, because watch out, this is the key to healthy hair! “High quality conditioners are made for skin care. They're supposed to be on the scalp, ”he says, refuting the myth that conditioner doesn't get on the hairline. Well, not exactly. The scalp is home to our hair roots, many small hair factories that produce new hair. Providing the scalp with good ingredients through hair care therefore sounds logical to us. But when we put conditioner directly on the head, it is important to pay attention to what exactly is in the tube. In this case, you can rely on conditioners that are also approved in the pharmacy.

5 Using hair styling products incorrectly

“You have to put the styling product on the scalp, too, where you want the volume. Otherwise, as Peter always says, it's like building a house in the air. It falls down. It's common sense, but nobody does it. " says Hellström. "You can have the most brilliant products, but most of them end up using them incorrectly," says Hagelstäm. Both experts therefore advise you to take action yourself, to ask the hairdresser you trust and have the products explained to you. Styling products in particular are repeatedly used incorrectly and then cannot fulfill their purpose.

6 Burn hair while styling

Most of us have a straightening iron, heated round brush, or curling iron. Or all three, because nothing styles the head faster or better than heat. But Hellström advises: “Always work with the lowest temperature, if that doesn't work, increase it. If it still doesn't work, go one step warmer. Then you find your own temperature. Most people just switch to full speed and krrrrr ... burn their hair instantly. "

7 The wrong cut

Hellström tells a nice anecdote from his apprenticeship under Björn Axén about this major hair mistake. «Björn Axén once styled a woman. She looked amazing! And he turned to me and asked: So, Mr. Hellström, was I successful? And I said, of course, it looks amazing! Then he looked at me and said: Of course not!

What? I thought. And then he said: If she comes back in six weeks and still looks like this. Then I was successful. " It was then that Hellström understood that the most important thing is the haircut. "The biggest mistake with the hairstyle is wanting too much and then being lazy," says Hagelstäm, Creative Director of Björn Axén. Therefore, when choosing a hairstyle, one should always consider how much time do I want to invest in my hair? No? Then the haircut should also be easy, because great hair is a lot of work and, above all, takes time.

It would have been too nice if the great hair thing was so easy.

Pictures: Anna Lundholm

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