Can a cat take a bath

Bathing a cat - does it have to be?

The word "cat wash" is no coincidence: It describes a brief and not very thorough contact of the body with water. And that is exactly how most cats feel about bathing: They avoid getting wet. We answer the question of whether it makes sense to bathe the cat and how best to proceed.

But what if there is no other way? Should Miezi be forced into the tub, even if she punishes her owner with deprivation of love and disregard for at least three days afterwards? Do unsuspecting cat parents destroy the trust of their pets? Or maybe there are even fur noses who enjoy a warm bath? As is so often the case, one thing does not apply to everyone, but there are a few race-dependent tendencies and of course a few tips and tricks for cat bathing from water haters.

Bathe cat yes or no?

Reasons for Bathing a Cat

  • The fur is like that dirtythat the cat can no longer clean it itself or that it has covered itself with something that would be toxic to it if it got into its stomach.
  • The cat became separated from her cat mom too early and was not trained in “grooming”. So she cannot keep herself clean. As long as possible, brushing and combing is the method of choice, but if nothing helps, only wet laundry is left. Sometimes homeopathy can help in such cases.
  • Fleas and other unwanted roommates have taken root. Instead of bathing, spot-on products can be used here. The vet knows more details.
  • The kitten is injured or can no longer clean himself for other reasons and what brushes can achieve is not enough.
  • You have a Hairless cat. Sphynxes & Co have no hair that could absorb skin oil. Therefore, over time, a film of sebum builds up over your skin, which should be removed every two to three weeks.

Conveniently, nature has arranged it in such a way that cats without fur, very different from their hairy conspecifics, usually love water and bathing.

Tips for bathing a cat

For everyone else who only uses gentle force to get their cats near bathing water, we have put together a few tips that will hopefully make Miezi's bathing day as pleasant as possible for everyone involved in the future:

  • Play extensively in advance with your cat to keep them tired and exhausted. This can make bathing easier afterwards.
  • Windows and doors should be closed in the bathroom and the room is pleasantly heated so that the wet cat doesn't freeze. The bath water is best lukewarm.
  • Put enough towels so that you are well prepared and the cat does not have to freeze after the bath.
  • To keep your cat from slipping, you should have one special anti-slip mat in the bathtub lay. Alternatively, you can use a towel that you place on the bottom of your tub.
  • Nobody likes to stand up to the upper edge of their lower lip in the water - cats feel the same way. 10 centimeters of water are enough. It is best to let the warm water run in beforehand and only bring your cat when everything is ready and the water is in the tub. Because cats generally do not like the shower head and may even be afraid of it.
  • If the Size of the bathtub one problem is, because it scares the animal, a wash bowl is of course sufficient. Alternatively, Kitty is placed in the sink.
  • It is best to pay a little extra attention to that Ear care To judge: To do this, you take a cotton swab, moisten it with lukewarm water and carefully clean only the outer ears (never the ear canal!)
  • Gloves can be useful when Mietzi goes to extremes and fights back with claws and teeth. Actually, it can be easily fixed in the neck with a gentle grip.
  • Since shower heads and hissing faucets often add to the feline discomfort, you should simply hand or Scoop up water with a beaker and carefully pour it over the animal's stomach, legs and back.
  • It's good if that Towel to dry off is already ready. Then it can be gripped with one hand without the cat taking the chance to escape wet. Some cats may even be blown dry if they already know the sound and are not afraid of the warm air.
  • The Cat shampoo should come from a specialist store or a veterinarian. Please do not use anything made for humans or dogs. It makes sense that products have been developed that are tailored to the needs of cat fur and skin.

Cats are by nature their own stylists: That is why the animals will start the grooming program immediately after the bath, so that everything fits the way they like it best. And now: happy bathing!

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