How do WWE title belts rank

GSW World Heavyweight Championship

#DateUserRatingComment107.11.2015TRowan7.0229.09.2015Crippler Crossface8.0318.08.2013Boris The Menace7.0405.06.2011Brain ball3.0How can you rate a title so highly that has somehow never been changed clean?524.05.2011OdisVanNeuss8.0Nice design. Important in Germany but unfortunately never really been defended which reduces the value of the WORLD title. Steve Corino gave him some prestige for me.612.03.2011Redfile10.0The GSW stands for good wrestling in Europe. That’s a fact. And with Sitoci you have a good, credible champion.717.02.2011Pulpul5.0Devaluation the beginning phase of the new GSW age. In my opinion, the title did more harm than good.817.02.2011TrasherMg10.0A very valuable belt in Europe! The carriers so far phenomenal!916.02.2011NaGoyah9.01013.02.2011Rated R Champ8.0Very valuable for a Euro title, the champions have so far been all good to excellent (especially Michael Kovac, of course) and there have been some great matches for the title. I find some minor booking weaknesses negative and that the "World" title has never been defended outside of Germany.1111.02.2011Matt4Wrestling10.0An outstanding belt, especially since the design was changed in 2007. Always slaughter well, the tilte history speaks for itself!1204.02.2011Johnny Tenner6.0So unfortunately I have to say that I don't think it's good if you give the belt to people who have flown in like Corino who, after not even 2 guest appearances, then flies back home and then quickly surrenders the belt. I mean, I like Corino, but that's really not conducive to a title. After the GSW restart, the Belt would become a challenge cup, Ares was okay in the equipments, then Douglas can only win so that he loses 14 days later to Corino, who was only a guest in Germany for a few weeks. I don't understand why Corino got the chance for Stevie's title at all. Okay, I heard something that they had actually planned something with Ares, but personally I found the alternative questionable. Hopefully 2011 will be better.1311.10.2010Kitanoyama8.0Looks almost like the WWE World Heavyweight Belt, but it's the best way to give Central European wrestlers a good chance to climb the top.1409.03.2010rv279.01530.11.2009Mr Smackdown10.01630.07.2009123Wurscht9.0Every champion was the deserved champion in its time! It has to be like that. Overall, a clean title history. With Steve Corino and Joe Legend, two champions who also give the title international prestige! It is a shame that, with the exception of Holland, it has not yet been defended outside of Germany.1703.05.2009Mr Erotic8.01806.01.2009Michael Patricks9.01909.12.2008AndyTNA7.02026.10.2008Asuma10.02128.08.2008ARIZA6.02228.08.2008Kruemel7.0Very important title with great champions (Andys reigned too early & Corino's 2nd title win excluded). But it is not enough for more than 7 points. 1. It is not a "real" world title, because the title was not defended outside of Germany and 2. unfortunately the many screw job finishes, but you can ignore it in a storyline-oriented league.2327.07.2008Rene Taylor9.0Kovac made the title really big here in Germany. Was Andy-Mark back then but it wasn't really the yellow one and Corino2 shouldn't have been from my point of view - especially because of his so-called "retirement".2423.07.2008A-mar9.02523.07.2008christhebondz5.0Has had its strengths and weaknesses. Andy's title win came much too early, Corino's second title win was fine for me personally, but pointless. Kovac as a champion is great, but something is still missing to the World Title, e.g. B. a defense outside Germany.2619.07.2008Lakasey10.0Not too many title changes, credible champions. And above all, you don't have to give the belt to guest stars. Most important title in Germany!2711.04.2008LexLuger4ever8.0Ranks second behind the wXw World Title and just barely missed the top grade. Also a title with consistently good champions.2803.04.2008Tas8.0Important title with all strong champions. As you know, I personally don't like the screwjob share in title fights.2922.03.2008TNAngle10.0One of the most important titles in Germany / Europe. So far only credible champs.3011.03.2008Dudley6.03124.02.2008Austriaking10.03207.01.2008Kennedy 10010.03307.01.2008BM10.03418.11.2007old shred10.03521.08.2007Head smack10.0The most important title in Germany, so far only held by credible champions.3615.08.2007ecw forever10.03704.08.2007SpecialK6.03827.07.2007Uncle Fredi10.03916.07.2007shock10.04005.07.2007Medi8.04124.06.2007Soeren10.04224.06.2007catch fan10.04324.06.2007BigVanVader8.04424.06.2007CM Jakobi8.04524.06.2007Sabu3166.0