Is God an artist or an engineer

The days that I spent with God

“The days that I spent with God” is an evening about God, as Axel Hacke always imagined: as a melancholy artist who wanted to create great things and is now unhappy with what has become of it, disappointed in himself and in search of consolation and forgiveness.


God is fed up with loneliness in the universe, he seeks closeness to people, closeness to the man who sits alone in his Munich office, in particular. For him, he pulls open drawers on house walls that weren't there before and in which worlds are hidden that no one knew about. He lets the stone lions jump through hoops in front of the Feldherrnhalle on Odeonsplatz, likes to drink a glass of champagne and directs small rain clouds in the clearest of skies - and that's just the beginning of this weird evening full of strange events.


Hackes God is not omniscient and certainly not infallible. Even if he takes us on a journey of discovery to the so often overlooked beauties of the world, his basic mood is wistful, because he can no longer undo what he has created.
He has to realize that there is more going on in this world than he could have imagined: It all started with the Big Bang, but what happened to it? God asks himself that ... and we ourselves with him.

Director Thomas FlachCostumes Cornelia PetzlightHans-Peter Bodenvolume Philipp Kolb Assistant director Merle Kondschak Stage construction Alexander Ketterer


With Dieter Fischer, Judith Toth


Performance approx. 1 hour 15 minutes (no break)

"A play like Hacke's columns. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny, sometimes absurd, almost always entertaining, with local color, flashes of inspiration and, yes, also some truism. After all, it's also about the desperation of the artist who only wants to create meaningful things - and of course it fails. Dieter Fischer and Judith Toth create a sympathetic Mann-Gott-Duo. Thomas Flach stages the play on the small stage in the Metropolcafé with a lot of love and extends the stage to the street in front of the window when death suddenly passes by or a butterfly lights up. Loosely based on Shakespeare's motto (quoted in the play): "Life is a play". Big applause. " (B5 cultural news)


"Unheard of. But unbelievably good: finally a woman as God! Only the Metropoltheater in Munich is so bold curious researcher and Judith Toth in an androgynous fashion look as God who questions herself. (...) Cunning, this Axel Hacke, in his explanations of God and the world, which hover between reality and mental cinema. "I wanted the imperfect. I'm not an engineer. I am an artist, "argues Frau Gott. In artistic terms, this God and this I meet, which also creates things. Why, of all things, a 25cm office elephant? Well, a few questions have to remain unanswered." (Munich Mercury)


"Loved by his fans for the intellectually subtle feuilletons and the mischievously dabbed satires, Axel Hacke wrote this subtle, humorous encounter between two people who doubt themselves and the world and Judith Toth as the incarnation of the frustrated Almighty on Weltinspektion. Above all, however, the director Thomas Flach lets the gags rustle violently, which are burned down outside the theater, in front of the windows of the Metropol Café. (...) Wonderful All of this is bizarre and yet another proof why the Munich Metropolitan Theater has been named the best off-theater in German-speaking countries three times in a row by the renowned specialist magazine "Die Deutsche Bühne". " (Danube Courier)


> Criticism of the radio culture magazine "K13" afk M94.5 from 25.11.17

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Production and organizer: GbR Flach and others "The days that I spent with God"

Tax number Munich tax office 143/518/91093

Performance rights: Rowohlt Theater Verlag, Reinbek near Hamburg


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