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Octavia Limousine Soleil 2019 in the test: How bright does the special model sedan shine?

In the Octavia, the sedan is in the shadow of the station wagon: a fate it shares with most compact and mid-range sedans. Few of their manufacturers get the chance to step out of the shadows. Škoda is free this year and is launching the Octavia sedan as a “Soleil” special model. In the test, she reports how you get the sunlight.

Contents of the test report for the Skoda Octavia Limousine Soleil:

  1. To the test report
  2. Technical data (as table)
  3. Competing models
  4. Our conclusion with a star rating

Soleil special model - style and size are the trump cards

A promised one Price advantage of a good 3,500 euros - these are prospects that brighten the mind of every car buyer: at least in the short term. Because in order to keep a well-informed customer in line, real added value is required - appearance without being is not enough. In the following, we want to feel and test whether the “special model” package delivers internal added value. When we feel the size differences to the Octavia Combi, we admittedly have a hard time. With a length of exactly 4.67 meters, the limousine towers over this by just 3 millimeters; in height it measures four less at 1.46 meters. The wheelbase and the vehicle width are even down to the millimeter at 2.69 and 1.81 meters. Nevertheless, the two bodies give a different impression: not like day and night, but like sunrise and sunset. The Combi waits in a relaxed pose full of self-confidence for the day's work that may come its way. The limousine, on the other hand, seems to know: No matter what it has done during the day, its elegant face will please in the right light.

Too much pathos? You're right. Time to test the solid qualities of the Octavia Soleil. We feel our way into the interior: without the still and sure-footed one 17-inch alloy wheels, the two “Soleil” badges and the tinted windows of the rear area to pay further attention. Nice to have you on board - but we want more. We are spot on in the Octavia limousine with this request. Like every Škoda the compact model boasts of space: behind the steering wheel, on the rear bench and in the trunk. Even if you are taller than 1.90 meters, your legs, elbows, hips and heads have enough space to develop. In the rear of the sedan, 590 to 1,580 liters of luggage can be hidden; only a few can keep up, e.g. the Honda Civic with 594 to 1,545 liters. However, the sedan does not match the transport quality and variability of the Combi - but then something would have gone wrong.

Octavia Soleil interior: lots of space, lots of light - hardly any shade

All well and good: but there is also plenty of space in other Škoda models. Where are the promised special features of the Octavia Soleil? They are distributed over the interior. The trunk is donated to the special equipment Rear window blind and - under the parcel shelf - a practical storage net. "Simply Clever" details like that LED flashlight, a 12 volt socket; and a trunk mat with two sides (Rubber / carpet) shouldn't be missing either. The “Soleil” package doesn’t bring any special shine to the rear: it’s included Isofix brackets, one convertible center console including through-loading function, Rubbish bins and bottle holders everything your heart desires. In the cockpit, the special model lets the sun flash again. The donate to the driver and front passenger heated seats Warmth; the "Climatronic “automatic air conditioning, fresh or warm air - depending on what you want.

The package pushes the handlebars in Leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons in the hand over which the "Bolero" infotainment system can be conducted. That has a Digital radio, one convenient Bluetooth hands-free system, one inductive charging box as well as the Smartphone integration "SmartLink +". It is primarily operated via the 8 inch touch screen. If this equipment is not enough, some additional packages are offered: three of them with a discount. The Infotainment "Business Columbus" for example it costs 355 euros less than usual. It expands the touchscreen to over 9 inches and the system itself with a navigation system including Europe map material, a DVD drive and a WLAN hotspot; Various online services and a maxi dot display are also available.

Additional packages save money & provide added value

The other two special model extra packages for the Octavia Soleil take care of safety, comfort - and also the finances. Because the three of them offer a price reduction of almost 1,800 euros. 450 euros of that are "Light & Sight" extras attributable to. The sedan is equipped with a headlight cleaning system and illuminates the road with full LED headlights, fog lights and a cornering light; the rear lights have to be content with an optical fine-tuning. The "Travel & Comfort" package gives the sedan the tried and tested equipment in terms of long-distance comfort: at a discount of just under 1,000 euros. The journey begins casually with the push of the start button; thanks to the keyless start system "Kessy". The suspension comfort regulates the adaptive chassis DCC and the driving profile selection; the distance to the traffic ahead of the adaptive distance assistant (ACC); In conjunction with the 7-speed DSG, the system even becomes a semi-autonomous traffic jam assistant.

This brings us to the drives and at the end of the “Soleil” extras. Škoda has the usual ones on the engine shelf three petrol and two diesel gathered that have met the upcoming Euro 6d-temp emissions standard since last autumn: the gasoline engines thanks to the gasoline particulate filter, the diesel thanks to the SCR catalytic converter. The cheapest engine in purchasing is Three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine 1.0 TSI with 115 hp and manual 6-speed gearbox (Combined fuel consumption: 4.9 liters per 100 km, 112 g / km CO2 and energy efficiency class B). Its big petrol brother, the 2.0 TSI with 190 PS and 7-speed DSG (Combined fuel consumption 2 × 4/4 × 4: 6.1 / 6.6 liters per 100 km, 139/150 g / km CO2 and energy efficiency class C). The smallest diesel can attach the title of Sparefroh to the engine block: the 1.6 TDI SCR with 115 PS (Fuel consumption 5-speed / 7-speed DSG: 4.0-4.1 / 3.9-4.0 liters per 100 km, 106-109 / 103-115 g / km CO2 and energy efficiency class A). If there were still a natural gas engine in the range that ran on synthetic natural gas, the environment would also shine.

Technical data of the Skoda Octavia Limousine Soleil

HP number:min. 115 hpmax. 190 hp
kW number:min. 85 kWmax. 140 kW
Drive type:Front-wheel drive or 4 × 4-drive
Gear type:Manual or automatic
Fuel type:Petrol or diesel
Consumption (combined):min. 3.9 l / 100kmmax 6.5 l / 100km
CO2 emission:min. 103 g / kmmax. 148 g / km
Efficiency class:min. Amax. C
Emissions standard:Euro 6 (green particulate matter sticker)
List price:from 24,700 euros
Status of the data:01.03.2019

Competing models

Inexpensive new cars from the compact class are crowded together in our online dealership. Some sedans also adorn the range, e.g. the Honda Civic sedan at a rate from 227 euros or from 21,912 euros and 18.0%; the Audi A3 sedan at a rate from 150 euros or from 20,189 euros and 26.9%; or the new Kia ProCeed at a rate from 228 euros or from 22,350 euros and a 22.5% new car discount. When it comes to financing, you also have a wide range of options, such as our car leasing from 0.49% effective interest.

Conclusion to the Skoda Octavia Limousine Soleil test

MeinAuto.de Editor: MeinAuto.de Redaktion |
Conclusion: The Octavia Limousine Soleil is in no way inferior to the station wagon in terms of special equipment. Especially inside, it enriches the comfort and technical skills of the compact: be it with a standard automatic air conditioning or a discounted navigation system. The “Soleil” model also offers additional assistance systems and an adaptive chassis - but only at an additional cost. With a maximum saving of a good 3,500 euros, there is more financial leeway than usual. At MeinAuto.de, the special model starts at a rate from 196 euros or 20,632 euros, 19.3% or the equivalent of almost 4,100 euros below the list price .
4 out of 5 points

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