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In our salary table we have compiled various salaries of psychologists. In addition to the orientation that it should offer you, you can also see the salary range very nicely, which is between around 2,100 euros and a good 7,000 euros. Please note, however, that we have selected psychologists with very different professional experiences and that salaries cannot be standardized. As a career starter, you will certainly not get a starting salary of 7,000 euros gross per month - but your salary will increase over the years.

You can find detailed information on job prospects and career opportunities in the individual course descriptions for the psychology courses. We also introduce you to professions in psychology in our professional world.

activityBranchGender and ageCompany sizeGross salary / month
psychologist public authority, administration m, 39 years101 - 5004.972 €
psychologist Healthcare m, 25 years501 - 1.0002.173 €
psychologist Hospitals m, 36 years5.000 - 20.0004.229 €
psychologistHospitalsm, 37 years51 - 100 3.646 €
psychologistEducational institution m, 34 years1.001 - 5.0003.873 €
psychotherapist Social facilities m, 33 years6 - 204.568 €
psychotherapistSocial facilities m, 40 years21 - 502.340 €
PsychotherapistHealthcarew, 56 years21 - 504.662 €
PsychotherapistHospitalsw, 54 years101 - 5004.957 €
Psychological psychotherapistHospitalsw, 47 years51 - 1004.406 €
Psychological psychotherapist Healthcare m, 35 years5.001 - 20.0003.711 €
Psychological psychotherapistHealthcarew, 40 years101 - 5003.906 €
Psychological psychotherapist Hospitalsm, 43 years6 - 203.880 €
Psychological psychotherapistHealthcarew, 35 years1 - 5 4.231 €
Business psychologistBusiness consulting m, 36 years6 - 202.865 €
Business psychologist Wholesale, miscellaneousm, 33 years501 - 1.0006.777 €
Business psychologistInsurance w, 27 years6 - 20 3.418 €
Business Psychologist (HR Consulting)Business consultingw, 48 years1.001 - 5.0003.418 €
Business Psychologist (Corporate Development) Other industry w, 27 years5.001 - 20.0004.227 €
Business psychologist
(Marketing Director)
Advertising and PR w, 42 years21 - 505.779 €

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How much you earn cannot be said in general terms. The amount of the salary is made up of various factors.

First of all, one of the most important questions is whether you work in the public sector, in the private sector or whether you work as a self-employed psychologist or consultant. In the public service you will be paid according to the TVöD, which is graduated in different pay groups and experience levels. The tariff distinguishes, for example, the Bachelor's and Master's degrees and the professional experience that one has already acquired.

If you go into the private sector as a psychologist, completely different factors apply, which you can influence to a certain extent, for example in salary negotiations. And your income looks different again if you start your own business. Basically, however, there are the following factors that affect your account balance.

Qualifications play a major role, especially in the field of psychology. If you want to work with patients as a psychotherapist, the only way to do this is through a master’s degree followed by training as a psychological psychotherapist.

If you want to go into the private sector and work there as a consultant, for example, a bachelor's degree is sometimes enough, but ultimately more doors are open to you with a master's degree in psychology.

But further training can also help you in the truest sense of the word. You will gain additional qualifications on top of your degree and show potential employers that you are ready to stay up to date.

The qualification not only enables you to get a better salary, but also In certain cases it opens the way to the professional world for you in the first place. Read our article Career Entry & Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Psychology.

Yes, the location also has an impact on your salary and by that we don't mean the district in which the company you work is located, but the geographic location. Is the company or is your practice in the west or in the east? In northern or southern Germany? Depending on the region, the cost of living varies, which is also reflected in the salary. A psychologist in a small town in Lower Saxony certainly earns less than a psychologist with a practice in Munich.

What kind of company will you be joining? Do you work as a psychological consultant in a large corporation or do you prefer to work in a small practice group? A large company doesn't necessarily pay a large salary or a larger company more than a small company. In this case everything has advantages and disadvantages and should definitely play a role in your considerations.

Psychologists are a welcome workforce in every industry: Whether in the health sector, in business or in the media: They are used everywhere to make analyzes, to advise or to understand customers. They are in demand, but different salaries are paid in every industry.

Your position probably has the most influence on your salary. Sure, you can now say: If I'm a psychologist, I'm a psychologist. But, for example, in the university or research area, you can also take on managerial positions or become a project manager. With a higher position, you take on more responsibility, for which you are rewarded. If you start again after your studies, you will probably start with smaller tasks first and then improve.

Especially in the field of psychology is practical experience is an advantage. During your studies, the practical parts are mandatory anyway. If you want to work alongside your studies, it is a good idea to find a student job (see article Costs for a Psychology Degree) that somehow has something to do with your studies. This looks good on your résumé and you can gain important practical experience that is worth gold for your work after you graduate.

Practical experience from studying does not automatically mean more money, but it can act as a door opener.

Last but not least, you can influence the amount of your salary directly in the conversation. In the conversation with good arguments, make it clear why a certain amount is appropriate. Even if it's not that easy: Act confidently and confidently.

If there's not much to be gained from money, it doesn't have to be bad. Perhaps the employer offers you benefits in kind, a job ticket, canteen discounts, a company car or the like. These benefits are not to be underestimated and should be included in your salary considerations!

A stay abroad during your studies can be worthwhile: Anyone who thinks outside the box to a neighboring country or another state during their studies makes themselves attractive to the employer. Gaining (professional) experience abroad and gaining intercultural skills is definitely important. In the case of a salary according to the tariff, there is no extra salary level for this, but it can help to a higher grouping.

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